Achieving the Dream Leader College

Team Information

Leadership Team

The ATD Leadership team originally consisted of the six administrators and faculty who saw the need for Achieving the Dream at our institution and worked to make DACC an Achieving the Dream school. After the Data team was created, the Leadership team expanded to include three more administrators and faculty for a current total of nine members.  This team meets to discuss the overarching goals of our student success agenda at DACC, how our interventions are progressing and what can be done to improve any part of an intervention that may not be working.

Data Team

Purpose:  Act as a data resource to move the college forward in meeting our student success agenda.  This includes:

  1. Define Key Performance Indicators (to establish common goals for college/all teams).
  2. Provide data perspectives that will help data users re-frame policies and procedures as needed.
  3. Gather/Provide consistent data pulls for interventions.
  4. Develop a calendar of data reports (for the college to utilize) to reduce redundancy of data requests.
  5. As the Data Team reviews the data, pertinent information will be funneled to the ATD Leadership team and/or individual teams when appropriate.

Equity and Inclusion Sub Team

Mission:  The DACC Achieving the Dream Equity and Inclusion Team shall create a systematic approach to providing an equitable and inclusive environment for all students.  The Team shall be a leveraging team for other groups to help interventions in terms of how to close achievement gaps and shall provide expertise to create professional development and training to move forward to a more equitable and inclusive environment at the College.

Student Experience Team

The ATD Student Experience Team is charged with improving the series of interactions between students and the College.  The student experience starts when prospective students first make a connection to DACC and it continues through to the student's exit.  Throughout this complex journey, students interact with college personnel (faculty, staff, advisors, etc.), college structures and systems (i.e., placement testing, registration, financial aid), and college policies (i.e., transfer-in credit policy, residency).  Each of these interactions makes an impact on whether students will continue on in their studies toward successful completion or whether they will drop out along the way.  The Student Experience Team reviews student persistence, retention, and graduation data to determine areas in need of improvement.  Process mapping is one tool used to help the team determine value added versus non-value added steps.  Recent and current projects include the Mentoring Program and Front-Line Services' training.  All staff are encouraged to join the SET!

Teaching and Learning Sub Team

The Teaching and Learning focus area is comprised of administrators and faculty on campus who are committed to finding ways to engage students within the classroom environment.  The focus of this group is to provide evidence based professional development.  The Teaching and Learning team designs two Teaching Excellence Academy per year with offer the faculty a venue to learn evidence based best practices and to share their successful learning strategies and new teaching techniques with one another in an effort to expose different academic areas on campus to a variety of best practices.