Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistant

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CNA is moving to the Nursing Department and so applications will be available shortly

This program is designed to prepare students* to provide basic health care in hospitals and nursing homes. The program will provide training experience and educational opportunities that will benefit you and your community.

The class consists of two components:

  1. 99 hours of classroom theory
  2. 40 hours of clinical experience

100 % attendance is required for state certification requirements

Successful completion of this course will lead to certification by the Illinois Dept. of Public Health


STEP 1: An application package must be completed with all supporting materials attached (2-Step Tuberculosis, I want to be a CNA questionnaire, Physical Verification Form) AND it must be turned in by the deadline stated in the application. Incomplete application packages will not be considered for enrollment. The CNA program is extremely competitive and space is limited.

STEP 2: A limited number of applicants will be invited to attend an orientation where they will receive additional information about completing the process to register for classes. If you are invited to an orientation but do not attend your application will be considered void and you must complete the process again to be considered. Again, all of the application must be filled out with required attachments or the application is void.

STEP 3: Each applicant must pass assessment at the pre-determined level.

  • Eighth grade reading level
  • 80% minimum score on math assessment (Remedial tutoring may be required)
  • (Applicant notified of results)

STEP 4: Schedule appointment to do a live scan fingerprint check. The cost is $30.50 payable by check or money order (no cash) at the appointment. The number to call is: 1(800) 377-2080. The scan will be given at DACC/Prairie Hall – Room 106. Background checks must come back clear. Successful completion of all steps will place students into the first available class.


Tuition & Tech Fee- based on 7 credit hrs.
Course/Lab Fee
2-Step TB Test
Livescan fingerprint check
Uniform, Shoes, Watch, Gait belt
State Exam