Student Orientations

Student Orientations


New Student Orientation: If you are having problems retrieving your student ID number or cannot log-in to the Online Student Orientation portal, please contact Carrie Reed at or 217.443.8896 for assistance.

If you would like your New Student Orientation in person, please contact Carrie Reed at or 217.443.8896 to schedule your orientation.

Any new, transfer, or returning student who has not attended DACC in the last 5 years must complete a student orientation before signing up for classes.

Whether you are attending an on-campus New Student Orientation or logging into the Online Student Orientation, you will need to fill out a Student Information Form to get you on the DACC system or, if you are returning student, to update your information.

To print a Student Information form, click on the following link

Winter Session begins December 20, 2021 and Spring 2022 classes begin January 18, 2022. Regular Summer 22 sessions begin June 13, 2022 and Fall 2022 classes begin August 22, 2022. Students will be able to log-in to the online student orientation any time after receiving a student ID number. If you do not want to complete the New Student Orientation online, we do have On-Campus New Student Orientations.

A DACC Orientation session covers the following:

  • DACC programs and degrees
  • DACC Departments/Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Placement Test information (such as the ACCUPLACER/ALEKS)
  • myDACC (our Online Student Services portal)
  • The Next Steps in Enrollment

How to Sign-Up for an Online Student Orientation (OSO)

  • You will need to have your DACC student ID number to log-in to the Online Student Orientation.
  • To obtain your student ID number, contact the Admissions office at 217.443.8802 after you have turned in your Student Information Form and an Admissions Specialist has put your information into the system.
  • You will have to wait until after you have submitted your Student Information Form to receive your student ID number.
  • Once you have your student ID number, you can log-in to the Online Student Orientation at the following link Launch Online Orientation
  • If you are having problems retrieving your student ID number or cannot log-in to the Online Student Orientation portal, please contact Timothy Morgan at 217.443.8803 for assistance.

Note: Students must answer at least 15/20 of the Final Test questions correctly in the Online Student Orientation to pass the orientation process. If you do not receive a 15/20, you must meet with the Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar, Timothy Morgan, before you will be able to sign-up for classes.

How to Sign-Up for an On-Campus New Student Orientation (NSO)

If you feel like you would be more comfortable working with someone on campus, you can to sign up for an on-campus New Student Orientation.

  • To sign up for an on-campus NSO, contact Carrie Reed at 217.443.8896 or Timothy Morgan at 217.443.8803.

    • Because of COVID 19, on-campus NSO’s will be postponed.

Note: You must complete a student orientation either on-campus or online before you can sign-up for classes.

Online Learning Orientations

If a student has never taken a course online before, he or she is encouraged to access the Online Learning Orientation (INST-110) before participating in an online course. Orientations are offered in online and face-to-face formats. If you do not see the Orientation (INST-110) listed on your course schedule, contact your academic advisor to sign-up. This orientation will familiarize students with how to log-in to Blackboard - the portal used for most online classes here at DACC - how to communicate with instructors and fellow classmates, how to post assignments and discussions, and how to take quizzes and tests online. For more information, please refer to:

Fitness Center Orientations

If a student has signed up for one of the Fitness Center courses and has either never taken the class before or has not taken the course in over a year, he or she must attend a Fitness Center Orientation. At this orientation, students learn about the sign-in process and the proper way to use the exercise equipment in the Fitness Center. Students must wear work-out clothes to this orientation.

Note: If a student does not attend a Fitness Center Orientation, he or she will be dropped from the Fitness Center course.