Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The DACC Alumni Association was formed to assist in advancing the mission of Danville Area Community College, which is to provide higher education for people of diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  The Association will maintain a continuing relationship between alumni and the college and strengthen the relationship between the College and the community.

The staff in the DACC Alumni Relations office, Vermilion Hall room 217, assist the officers and board of the DACC Alumni Association.  Contact this office with questions at 217-443-8798 or


Membership in the Association is open to all former students of DACC and DJC who have ever taken a class or workshop at the College, or any friend of the College.  In order to be considered for an officer or board position, the member in good standing must hold a degree, diploma, or certificate, or have completed at least 30 credit hours at the College


Membership dues are $50 for a two-year membership or $125 for a lifetime membership.  Lifetime membership is automatically conferred on anyone who pays for a two-year membership three times ($150).  New graduates will receive their first year of membership FREE and will receive a renewal notice in May of the following year.

Membership dues may be paid to the DACC Cashier's Office in person or by mail at:

2000 E. Main Street, Danville, IL 61832.  Please mark your payment as DACC Alumni Association dues.


  • Season passes to College athletic events
  • DACC Career Services/Resume Services
  • Use of DACC computer labs
  • DACC Bookstore discount
  • DACC Community Education class discounts
  • DACC Event ticket discounts - DACC Theater, DACC Musical performances
  • DACC Alumni Newsletter
  • Special DACC Alumni Events
  • DACC Alumni car decal
  • DACC Fitness Center discount


September 2017

Message from the President -- May 2018

I was fortunate to have the honor of attending the DACC Commencement ceremony earlier this month. It was a nostalgic night for me bringing back many memories from my graduation 45 years ago. I remember that night as one of joy, pride, and accomplishment. My degree from DACC set me on a path in life that was very fulfilling for me. As I watched the graduates tuning their tassels indicating the conferring of their degree, I had the feeling of hope that these young people will be able to do something in life that will bring them happiness. I also hope that each of these graduates will find an equal amount of pride in their alma mater.  Earning a college degree is really a defining time in the lives of these grads. They may not appreciate the level of impact that this will have on their lives now, but later in life when they reflect back, I am confident that each will consider time spent at DACC as important.

The Alumni Association is created to be made up of graduates with a desire to maintain a connection and relationship with DACC. A small group of individuals are working hard to make this association relevant to the needs of its alumni. The DACC Alumni Association (DACC/AA) is working to bring alumni a product that will provide closer relationship with its alumni. I would encourage each alumnus, either recent or from years ago to join. More importantly, to get involved in making this association a success.

One of our objectives is to develop a Board of Directors. We have an Executive Board but now need interested alumni to get in the game and invest some time to make this a success. You can contact Lara Conklin at DACC for more information.

I do want to thank the small group who are working to get this started including: Timyra Carter, Reggie Warfield, Neil Boyd, Dr. Stephen Nacco, and Lara Conklin. These people are dedicated to making our alumni association a point of pride for each graduate. I continue to look forward to continuing our development of this group.

All The Best!
Dr. Gerald W. Cockrell (Jerry)
Class of 1973 DJC