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Academic assessment at DACC is a process which engages faculty in designing more effective teaching strategies. We aim to use these strategies to create meaningful learning experiences for our students and ultimately lead them in becoming life-long learners.

For questions concerning the DACC assessment process, please contact:
Abby J. Hahne, PhD—Director of Academic Assessment

For questions concerning the DACC institutional assessment and effectiveness, please contact:
Bob Mattson

For division specific questions you may contact the DACC Assessment Champions:
Business and Technology: Emily Crain and Jenn Slavik
Liberal Arts and Developmental Education: Ryan Wyckoff
Math, Sciences and Health Professions: Wendy Brown
Department of Corrections: Stefanie Davis

A guide to designing assessment for DACC faculty.

rubrics, forms, and due dates
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One-page quick guides to aid in creating your assessment
Writing Measurable Objectives

Assessment Basics

Designing Assessment Tools

Bloom’s Taxonomy

One-page quick guides to aid in creating your assessment
Resources to help in your assessment planning.

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