All Star Jaguars

All Star Jaguars

Who Are the DACC All Star Jaguars?

Part brand ambassador, part social media influencer, part model

DACC is looking for enthusiastic students to participate in our advertising, special promotions, social media, publications, and recruiting efforts. Students will vary in background and academic goals, but they will all embody the DACC spirit and mission!

If chosen, full- and part-time students commit to completing the fall ‘22 and spring ‘23 semesters. All Stars will be compensated as Student Workers by task completed rather than an hourly wage. Participants may earn up to $600 per semester ($300 for part-time students), for a total of $1200 ($600 for part-time) for the academic year.

All Star Requirements

  • Diversity of age, sex, race, orientation, and program of study
  • Be in good financial standing
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Commit to complete fall ’22 and spring ’23 semesters
  • Existing social media presence is preferred but not required
  • Employment contract, including dress code

Apply Below:

Click here to apply to be an All Star Jaguar

2022-2023 All Stars Application Deadline is Friday, September 2, 2022

All Star Duties

  • Meet and greet orientation (required attendance)
  • Regular check-in/meeting with All Star Mentor (assigned when cast)
  • Photo shoots
  • Video shoots
  • Social media posts on your own platforms
  • Shares of DACC SM posts
  • Student blog
  • #MyDACCstory
  • Assist recruiter as Ambassador for school visits and campus tours
  • Participate in an end-of-year presentation to the Board of Trustees (required attendance)

All Star Compensation

  • DACC Swag

    • Logo Quarter Zip & T-shirt
  • Compensation by Task (including, but not limited to)

    • Mandatory meeting (Orientation/end-of-year Board Meeting): $50 each
    • Photo Shoot: $25/hour
    • Tik Tok: $10/reel
    • Share a SM post from DACC or another All Star: $1/share (maximum 25 per month)
    • Participate in community activity: $15
    • Discussion Panel: $25/hour
    • Recruitment Visit (off campus): $25/hour
    • Recruitment Visit (on campus): $15/hour
    • Write blog post: $25/hour
    • Make #MyDACCStory video: $25/hour
  • Any task paid by hourly rate will be paid for at least one hour.
  • limit $600 per semester (full time), $300 per semester (part time).
  • Must have minimum of $25 compensation to receive a check