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Important Notice: Since Fall 2009, DACC has gone paperless with student account information. Students are required to retrieve their schedules, bill statements and grades by logging in and accessing their records via myDACC.

Step 1: Speak to an Admissions Specialist. Don't start off on the wrong foot! Visit, call or email our Admissions office to find out the admission/registration steps that are right for you. Every student comes to the college with different backgrounds. Our Admissions Specialists will ask you a few quick questions to see what services are right for you. Click here for contact information.

Step 2: Fill out our Student Information Form/Application

  • Student Information Form (Application) for US Citizens
  • Pre-Application for International Students (for those who need a student visa)

Step 3: Orientation. Any new, transfer, or returning student who has not attended DACC since Fall 2009 must complete a Student Orientation either on campus or online.

  • Student Orientation Information & Guide

    • Types of orientations available
    • What orientation is right for you?
    • How do you sign up?

Step 4: Placement/Assessment Testing. To ensure student success, DACC has established levels of reading, writing, and math that are required for various courses and/or programs. DACC utilizes ACT's COMPASS placement tool to measure each student's skill. Students may also submit ACT and SAT scores for course placement. Please note the following rules/exceptions in regard to placement testing:

  • Returning Students: If you did not complete a math or English course in previous semesters, you will probably be required to complete the placement test depending on the course(s)/programs you plan to enroll in at DACC. Please consult with an Admissions Specialist or Academic Advisor for advice.
  • Transfer Students: Submitting an official copy of your transfer credit may meet the placement requirements. Please consult with an Admissions Specialist or Academic Advisor for further recommendations. However, assessments are required if you have not taken an English or math a your previous college.
  • Foreign-Language Placement: Students who have additional Spanish or French language skills or who have completed foreign language coursework in high school, should take our Foreign Language Placement Test for proper course placement.
  • Allied-Health Program Note: Many Allied Health programs require math scores or credit to be taken/earned within 5 years of the start date of the major-specific coursework.
  • Some assessments can be completed off campus at pre-approved testing center. Call the Assessment center for more information.

Schedule your Placement/Assessment Visit by calling or visiting the Assessment Center (Cannon Hall, Room 103), (217)443-8708

Step 5: Register. Students who are pursuing a certificate, degree, transfer-oriented coursework, or who do not know what their academic goals are, must meet with an Academic Advisor.

  • Registration Timelines: For our Summer and Fall terms, registration typically starts around the last week of March. Spring term registration, including Winter Term, begins around the last week of October. Please note, the first few days of the registration period are reserved for those students taking advantage of online registration.

    • Fall Term = August – December
    • Winter Term = 3 week break over last two weeks of Dec. and first week of January
    • Spring Term = Jan – May
    • Summer Term = May - July
  • Full-time and/or Advisement Needed: Students who want to register for 12 or more credit hours (full-time) or who are working toward a certificate or degree should meet with an Academic Advisor by making an appointment (443-8750). Contact Academic Advisement & Counseling to obtain appointment and walk-in hours for enrolling in classes. The office is located in Lincoln Hall, Room 104, or call (217) 443-8750.
  • Part-time & Advisement Not Needed: Students who plan to attend part-time (less than 11 hours in Fall & Spring, less than 7 hours in the Summer), may register through the Admissions Office in Vermilion Hall, Room 109. Academic advisement is not available through Admissions.
  • Online Registration Option: Be the first to register each semester! No waiting in line! Students who meet the Online Registration Approval Requirements noted in the link below will have access to this wonderful service. The first step is to meet with a DACC Academic Advisor/Counselor. (Note: You can be approved for online registration throughout the year. You do not have to wait for an active registration period.) You can make an appointment by calling 217-443-8750. During this meeting, the Advisor/Counselor will check to see if you meet the online requirements and map out an academic plan to help you meet your educational goals.

Step 6: Post Registration: After you Register, What's Next?

Step 7: Student Rights & Responsibilities

Miscellaneous Admissions Information & Services

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