Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

The DACC Financial Aid Office supplies various forms to meet the needs of their students in awarding and packaging student financial aid. Below is a brief description of each form and it's use and a link (click on underlined form name) to the form so that you may print it for completion and submission to the DACC Financial Aid Office. It is important that you follow the directions provided with each form and that the form is completed correctly and submitted (in a timely manner) with appropriate documentation.

1. Appeal for Special Circumstances Form This is used to request consideration of an "unusual" event or circumstance that may have caused adverse effects to the families financial resources and was beyond the families control. These can include but are not limited to Employment layoffs, downsizing, reduced hours or other changes, divorce or death in the family, or medical bills that have been paid (beyond the 11% protection allowance) and insurance will not reimburse. In the event of a "one-time" monetary benefit (taxed or untaxed) that will not be repeated consideration will  be reviewed but may not be discounted in full or at all.

2. Appeal for Dependency Override Consideration Form This is used to request that the Status Questions (Step 3) on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) not be the determining factor to be considered "Independent" for student financial aid purposes. Please Note: This override is seldom approved and there must be "extreme" circumstances, that can be documented, concerning the student/parent situation. A parent(s) refusal to provide FAFSA  information does not meet an "extreme" circumstance. A student not living with their parent(s) does not meet an "extreme" circumstance.

3. Appeal Form (SAP) This form is used to submit an appeal to the DACC Appeal Committee concerning not meeting DACC's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and/or 150% Rule. These policies are governed by the Department of Education and are mandatory requirements. The SAP regulation is published at the DACC web page at SAP and in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.

4. Information Verification Worksheet/Statement of Purpose Form.  This form is used to obtain verification information for the student's financial aid file each award year. Each student, who wishes to be considered for Federal and/or Illinois State assistance must complete this form. The form is submitted with supporting documentation to the DACC's financial aid office.

5. Legal Dependent (other than spouse) Verification Form This form is used to help the student document they have legal dependents (per Title IV guidelines) and it is appropriate to include these dependents in the household size. If the student provides more than 50% of the declared dependent's support (for the entire award year) that dependent may be included in household size. The student must be able to document sufficient income resources to support self as well as more than 50% of the dependent(s).

6. VA Student Enrollment Certification This form is used by students who receive Veteran's Educational Benefits to certify enrollment (of hours and correct program) each semester. The form is submitted, by the veteran, to her/his academic advisor for completion and then returned to the financial aid office for processing. Please Note: Benefits will not be certified until the form is completed and returned to the financial aid office each semester.

7. Declaration of Non-Filing Status Form Financial Aid processes follows the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) "Who Should File" guidelines and tables that are provided by the IRS each tax year. If a student (spouse or parent) declares themselves "non-filers" review of this form may be requested and document required to verify exemption to this regulation. If the family does not meet an "exemption" status they may be required to file their Federal return(s) before the financial aid process can be completed.

8. When completing the FAFSA you reported little or no income for you (and/or parent) therefore please complete the applicable form available below and return it to our office.

  1. Student Low Income Verification Statement form. You reported little or no income on your FAFSA Application. We need you to write a statement as to where and how you lived last year. You may provide your statement in the space on the form. Please be sure to check the boxes for the circumstances that best describes your situation and then sign and date this form.
  2. Parent(s) Low Income Verification Statement form . Your parent(s) reported little or no income on your FAFSA Application. We need your parents to write a statement as to where and how your family lived last year. Your parent(s) may provide the statement on the form. Please be sure to check the boxes for the circumstances that best describe your parent’s situation and then ask them to sign and date this form.

9. Federal Stafford Loan Request Form  This form is used by the student to request a Federal Stafford Loan. The student completes the form and submits it to the DACC Financial Aid. The Loan Officer will reply to the student as to her/his eligibility for the program and directions as to what takes place next.

10. DACC Financial Aid Brochure This brochure explains the DACC financial aid processes as a "Financial Aid 101" and answers the most common questions the DACC Financial Aid office staff are asked.