Clinical Obligations

Clinical Obligations

Rad Tech Clinical Education Rotations

Students will rotate through all of the program’s affiliates during the clinical education component of the program. Each rotation will be two weeks in duration. Students may be scheduled for consecutive rotations at Presence USMC because its size and volume of work allow for being assigned to a different room and/or different branch of the imaging department.

The clinical affiliates provide meaningful educational experiences to the student by the use of their facilities in “real world” environments. These opportunities allow the student to put theoretical and laboratory knowledge into practice on live patients in need of healthcare services.

Students will be assigned to perform the tasks that the department’s technologists perform as part of their regular duties. Students will not be assigned on a routine or consistent manner to tasks that are not educationally meaningful.


  • Carle (Fairchild and Vermilion); Danville, IL
  • Carle Hoopeston; Hoopeston, IL
  • Danville Polyclinic; Danville, IL
  • Illiana VA Medical Center; Danville, IL
  • Horizon Health Community Hospital; Paris IL
  • OSF Sacred Heart; Danville, IL
  • OSF Heart of Mary
  • Rossville Medical Clinic; Rossville, IL
  • St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital; Williamsport, IN

    Clinical Ed. Schedule

      Fall First Year Fall Second Year
    M No Clinical Ed.  
    T No Clinical Ed. 7:30-4:00
    W No Clinical Ed.  
    R No Clinical Ed. 7:30-4:00
    F No Clinical Ed. 7:30-4:00


       Spring First Year Spring Second Year*
    M 7:30-4:00  
    T   7:30-4:00
    W 7:30-4:00  
    R   7:30-4:00
    F   7:30-4:00


       Summer First Year Summer Second Year*
    M 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00
    W 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00
    F 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00

    * Some PM rotations (4:00 – 10:00 at PUSMC) will be required during this semester.


    Revised 7/2014

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