Health Information Technology

Marcie Wright, MSHI, RHIA, CHDA, CCS
Director of Health Information Technology
AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainer
Office:    MM 178
Email:    mwright@dacc.edu


  • Master of Science, Health Informatics, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Bachelor of Science, Health Information Administration, Illinois State University
  • Associate in Applied Science, Health Information Technology, Danville Area Community College

Marcie Wright, Director, Health Information Technology

Teaching Philosophy and Practice:

My goal is to graduate students that understand the purpose and importance of health information to our healthcare systems, having gained skills to collect, organize, code, analyze, and protect health information, and to inspire students with attitudes and principles that will give them the ability to continue to grow with a healthcare industry that is rapidly changing and expanding. The program’s classroom interaction coupled with excellent clinical experiences provided by our community’s healthcare providers creates effective learning experiences while promoting skill development. This learning and skill development is ultimately tested after graduation when students sit for the national certification as a Registered Health Information Technologist. The exam results are collected with the data being used to gage the success of what is being taught in this HIT program and pinpoint any areas of deficiency. My role as an educator in Health Information Technology has much in common with my love of learning. Striving to be a self-directed learner myself, I push students to be learning oriented as a life-long skill in itself. I believe gaining knowledge should be enjoyable as much as it is hard work. Creating an accepting atmosphere in the classroom that facilitates no wrong questions and answers that especially when discovered to be wrong promote the most memorable learning.


Nicole Dye
Instructor, Nursing, HIT

Office: MM 182
E-mail: ndye@dacc.edu
Phone: 217-554-1511

Courses Taught:

HITT 205 Legal Aspects of HIM
HITT 115 Patho-Phys and Pharmacology
HITT 215 Alternative Health Care Settings

Nicole Dye, Nursing Instructor

Educational Background
M.S. Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana
B.S.N. Lakeview College of Nursing, Danville, Illinois

Teaching Philosophy
The field of Health Information  is ever changing. As an instructor I find great joy in the growth process of students when information of what is written in books meets understanding of that information. The illumination and growth that takes in the student is awesome. Watching students gain knowledge and understanding and obtaining a profession is very rewarding for me.


Jason Tipton
Instructor,  HITT

E-mail: jtipton@dacc.edu

Courses Taught:

HITT 115 Patho-Phys and Pharmacology

Educational Background

Pharm.D. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Teaching Philosophy
Most, if not all of the students enter in this course with no idea what pathophysiology and pharmacology.  This is okay!  Throughout the semester the course takes a subject that is foreign to many and brings it to a level where every student can take the knowledge they have learned and apply it to their future profession.  Watching students work hard and finally grasp a new concept is the most rewarding part of teaching for me.



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