Steps to Enroll in Dual Credit

Steps to Enroll in Dual Credit

Steps to Enroll in Dual Credit (Not College Express, Middle College, or Project Lead the Way):

  1. Talk to your High School Counselor to find out about the dual credit options through your high school. A student’s course selection should be made in consultation with the High School Counselors and/or Principal as well as a DACC Academic Advisor.
  2. Complete a DACC Student Information Form at
  3. Complete any testing that is required for the courses you are interested in taking. Schedule a placement test by calling the DACC Testing Center at 217-443-8708 or by scheduling the placement test through your high school.
  4. Complete the High School Permission for Dual Credit form. The form can be found online at This form must be signed by your High School Counselor or Administrator.

    • This is not necessary for College Express, Project Lead the Way, or Middle College.
  5. Once the form is completed and signed by the appropriate administrators, the student will be registered in the course by a DACC Admissions/Registration Specialist.

Registration Notes for College Express, Middle College, and Project Lead the Way:

  • College Express & Project Lead the Way students do not complete this form. Students are registered for College Express courses by communications between the high school, the College Express Office, and DACC Admissions/Registration. If students want to be in a College Express course, they need to speak to their high school Counselor. Project Lead the Way students will also complete an application through Vermilion Advantage. The high school Counselors will have additional information on the Project Lead the Way processes.
  • Middle College registrations are completed through special enrollment processes for Middle College. Students should discuss this option with the high school Counselor or Administrator. DACC Middle College staff can also be contacted at 217-443-8876.

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