The Reader's Route

The Reader's Route

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Paulina Padjen


Did you know that one in every five adults has difficulty reading the newspaper, the instructions on a medicine bottle, or a note from their child’s teacher? There are more than 20 million adults in the United States -- hundreds locally – who share this problem. Literacy tutors are needed to assist these adults in improving their reading skills.  What better gift can you give someone that costs nothing more than an hour per week?

The Reader’s Route, a literacy program offered by the Adult Education division of Danville Area Community College, pairs volunteer literacy tutors with adults age 17 years or older who read or compute math below the 9th grade level or are learning to speak English as a second language. 

Volunteer to tutor adults who want to learn to read, improve their math skills, or want to learn English.  Our tutors are trained to help learners meet their learning goals!  Complete 12 hours of tutor training to feel confident in your ability to work with an adult learner. 

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Do you have learning goals you want to meet?  Would you like to learn to read better?  What about learning to compute math better?  Are you learning English, and it is not your first language?  We have tutors who would love to help you!  If you are 17 or older, and would like help with reading, math, or improving your English skills the Reader’s Route is the way to go!

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Tutoring and tutor training is FREE!  There is no cost for the tutor or the learner.  The Reader’s Route provides all the materials needed for a successful tutoring journey!

**This project was made possible by a grant awarded by the Illinois State Library, a division of the Office of Secretary of State, using funds designated for literacy.