Programs Supporting Diversity

Programs Supporting Diversity

Student Excellence Programs


This program prepares underrepresented students for academic success by introducing them to available services through student orientation, online learning orientation, and interest assessments.

TRIO Leadership Ambassadors

Students chosen as TRIO Leadership Ambassadors will participate in professional development and leadership activities that lead to becoming representatives for DACC’s TRIO Student Support Services Program and its mission.


DACC offers many forms of tutoring. The Testing & Academic Services Center offers development in basic-level courses of Math, Science, English, and Psychology. The Business and Technology Tutoring Center is intended for students who need assistance with coursework in the Business and Technology division. The Math and Science Solutions Center offers tutoring in Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Nursing.


Minority Scholarship

The Minority Scholarship Program provides tuition scholarships to minority students who show continuing motivation in achieving an Associate’s Degree.

Diverse Scholarships

DACC aims to provide excellent educational programs to a diverse student population. In doing so, DACC welcomes and offers several academic scholarships for diverse communities.