Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence

Planning for Inclusive Excellence

The Chief Diversity Officer provides point leadership to the College regarding diversity-related goals and helps formulate and implement broad and specific diversity programs and initiatives to capitalize on the institutional, organizational, and educational advantages of diversity. DACC's Diversity Plan is the result of research and data gathering. And the CDO works to align diversity goals with DACC's mission and strategic plan. We are in the process whereby every division, department, and unit will incorporate diversity into their daily actions and interactions. DACC aspires to develop a more holistic diversity plan for the years to come.

Inclusive Excellence Is:

  • A focus on student intellectual and social development. Academically, it means offering the best possible course of study for the context in which the education is offered.
  • A purposeful development and utilization of organizational resources to enhance student learning. Organizationally, it means establishing an environment that challenges each student to achieve academically at high levels and each member of the campus to contribute to learning and knowledge development.
  • Attention to the cultural differences learners bring to the educational experience and that enhance the enterprise.
  • A welcoming community that engages all of its diversity in the service of student and organizational learning.

All four aspects must function simultaneously for Inclusive Excellence to occur. The Inclusive Excellence initiative was created by authors commissioned by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and designed to help institutions: (a) integrate their diversity and quality efforts, (b) situate this work at the core of institutional functioning, and (c) realize the educational benefits available to students and to the institution when this integration is done well and is sustained over time. (Williams, Berger, and McClendon 2005)

Williams, D. A., J.B. Berger, S.A. McClendon.Toward a Model of Inclusive Excellence and Change in Postsecondary Institutions. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2005.