Math, Science & Health Professions Division

Math, Science & Health Professions Division

Our Mission

The Math & Sciences Division will provide our students with quality, technologically innovative, and adaptive programs to support their diverse educational goals.

The Math & Sciences Division prepares students to enter a variety of fields. Students in any area of study can take the required math and science courses to fulfill general education requirements before transferring to a 4 year college or university. In addition, students who desire to earn a bachelor's degree in math, science, engineering, agriculture, a health related field, or physical education can take major specific courses for their major in this Division.

The Math & Sciences Division also offers Associate of Applied Science degrees and certificates which are career focused. Opportunities for graduates including nursing, radiologic technology, sonography, health information technology, medical coding, and ag related employment.

Math & Science Division Faculty & Staff

The DACC Math & Sciences Division has competent faculty and staff who are dedicated to giving our students the best instruction possible. Click on the links below to "meet" the faculty and staff of the Sciences Division:

Kathy R. Sturgeon, Dean

Program Directors
Al Bello, Medical Imaging
Valerie Wright, Nursing
Marcie Wright, Health Information Technology

Support Staff
Donna Davis - Office Specialist
Angel Fellers - Office Assistant
Sue Mosiman - Science Lab Assistant

Amber Anderson
Wendy Brown
Quan Chen
Joanna Commons
Carol Dunn
Nicole Dye
Abby Gaier
Jamie Ellis
Susan Foreman
Patricia Harlow
Tammy Howard
Marjorie Larson
Stephanie Loveless
Dianne Manganaro
Erin McCoy
Kasey Moore
Stan Oglesby
Amanda Poffinbarger
Craig Potter
Eric Rayburn
Alan Thompson
Phyllis Wille
Don York
Adjunct Faculty
David Boudreaux - Chemistry
Lori Carlson - Nutrition
Gail Girard - Health
Beth Daily - Mathematics
Kylie Dryer - Health
Debra Huber - Mathematics
Brian Klett - Health
Charles Ligler - Mathematics
Sharon McMahon - Health
Kari Matthews - Mathematics
Ann Muench - Biological Sciences
Andrew Peters - Health
Brian Rohrbach - Physical Education
Mark Switzer - Physical Education
Tracy Thompson - Biological Sciences
Jason Tipton - Health Information Technology
Grace Wilson - Health Information Technology
Fabienne Witherspoon - Health
Rick Voyles - Physical Education

Fitness Center Personnel
Kylie Dryer, Director
Karen Appleby
Judy Laker
Linda Mills
Jackie Prunkard
Barb Todd

MASS Tutoring Center
Angela Davis-Director

DACC Chemical Hygiene Plan

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