Achieving the Dream Leader College

Achieving the Dream Video Series 

Achieving the Dream Video Series- Here

Achieving the Dream Implementation Proposal

DACC's ATD Implementation Proposal- PDF

Achieving the Dream Annual Reports

DACC's ATD 2014 Annual Report-DATA-PDF
DACC's ATD 2014 Annual Report-PDF
DACC's ATD 2013 Annual Report-PDF
DACC's ATD 2012 Annual Report-PDF
DACC's ATD 2011 Annual Report-PDF

Achieving the Dream Data Briefs

DACC's ATD January 2015 Data Brief-PDF
DACC's ATD October 2014 Data Brief-PDF 
DACC's ATD August 2013 Data Brief-PDF
DACC's ATD January 2013 Data Brief-PDF
DACC's ATD August 2012 Data Brief-PDF
DACC's ATD January 2012 Data Brief-PDF
DACC's ATD August 2011 Data Brief-PDF

Achieving the Dream Feedback Letters

DACC's ATD 2012 Feedback Letter-PDF
DACC's ATD 2013 Feedback Letter-PDF

NISOD Community College Completion Challenge PDF Document-PDF

Achieving the Dream 2013 Leader College Guidelines and Application PDF Document-PDF


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