Title IX & Preventing Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Misconduct

Title IX & Preventing Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Misconduct

Procedures for Responding to a Report of Sexual Misconduct

Danville Area Community College is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment.  Sexual misconduct is a crime punishable by both civil and criminal legal action and a serious violation of the DACC Student Code of Conduct.

After receiving a report/complaint of sexual misconduct, the College will following the procedures below as needed.  Please note, the goal of the investigation is to determine what occurred.

1. In a timely manner, the College will respond to the complainant, providing written notification of the comprehensive policy and procedures, their rights and options, preservation of evidence, confidentiality, investigation and resolution.

i. The College will respond to complainants who file a report electronically within 12 hours.
ii. Sexual misconduct cases are referred to the Title IX Coordinator and/or the Dean of Student Services.  Following the College’s established policies and procedures, one or both will respond to the report and serve as investigators.  A report will be made to the Vice President for Instruction & Student Services who will determine a resolution.

2. The College will provide the complainant access to community-based Confidential Advisors who provide emergency and ongoing support to survivors of sexual violence.

3. The College will provide the complainant with access to medical care depending on the timing of the report (for immediate and delayed reports).

4. The College will immediately assess the complainant’s safety needs and apply remedies to prevent contact between the complainant and the respondent/accused party.

i. Potential remedies include academic, transportation and/or working accommodations (if reasonably available).
ii. The College will provide a “No Contact” or “Temporary Suspension” directive to accused party if deemed appropriate.
iii. The College will provide contact information for local law enforcement agencies.
iv. The College will provide written information on how to obtain an Order of Protection.

5. The College will provide the complainant with referrals to on and off campus mental health providers and additional survivor resources.  The respondent will also be given referrals to on and off campus services.

6. The College will enforce the anti-retaliation policy and take immediate and separate action against parties that retaliate against a person for complaining or for assisting in the investigation.



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