Student Trustee; Formation of Clubs/Organizations; Scheduling Club/Organization Activities

Student Trustee; Formation of Clubs/Organizations; Scheduling Club/Organization Activities


Danville Area Community College has one advisory-voting member who is a student enrolled in the College under the jurisdiction of the DACC Board of Trustees. The election for the Student Trustee is held in April by the student body. Qualifications are published annually by the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.


Formation of Clubs/Organizations

DACC recognizes the important role that campus clubs can play in developing students' personal and professional interests. Campus clubs and organizations may be formed by requesting official recognition from the College. To gain official recognition, the club or organization must take the following steps:

  1. Obtain a DACC faculty or staff advisor who is able to attend club meetings and participate in club sponsored activities.
  2. Identify at least five students who wish to form the club as charter members.
  3. Identify the name of the organization and criteria for membership.
  4. Write a Statement of Purpose which explains what unmet needs will be provided by the club or organization.
  5. State the proposed club activities.
  6. Describe the affiliation of the club or organization with any local, state, or national groups, if any, and provide a copy of that group’s constitution.
  7. Provide a roster of temporary officers.
  8. Provide contact information for the student representative and the faculty/staff advisor.

This information must be submitted in writing to the Coordinator of Student Development (Wes Brown) or Vice President of Student Services (Stacy Ehmen). They will determine the status of club recognition. Clubs which are officially recognized may request monetary support of $100.00 per year from the College.

Each campus club or organization is free to choose members upon the basis of individual merit. Any exclusion from membership shall be on the basis of published and justified criteria. Campus clubs, organizations, or their affiliates who discriminate against or exclude members on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, nationality, religion, or handicap will not be granted college recognition. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to generate income. Community involvement, including patron support in the form of advertisements, ticket sales, attendance, and contributions, is encouraged.

Some clubs/organizations may wish to develop a Constitution and By-Laws. This may be done before the organization is officially recognized or after.

Clubs may request support for special activities which promote the general welfare and community relations of the College. Requests for support for special activities should be directed to the Vice President of Student Services.

Club communications and social media posts should be approved by the faculty/staff advisor, DACC College Relations, or the Vice President of Student Services. The advisor should have access to all social media accounts related to the club/organization.

Scheduling Club/Organization Activities

On-campus club activities which require use of campus facilities must be scheduled through the appropriate DACC channels (such as the College’s room scheduling system or the Administrative Assistant to the Vice Executive President of Instruction & Student Services in VH, Room 202). If the organization advisor is not sure, please contact the Vice President of Student Services (443-8746) for more information. Please call with your request well in advance (two weeks) of the activity, to be included in the College's Calendar of Events.

The club/organization's advisor, or an approved substitute, must attend all club functions. Depending upon anticipated attendance, an additional faculty/staff host may be required. Both the advisor and the host must be in attendance throughout the function, and are responsible for closing the function at the designated hour. Costs for additional security required may be billed to the club sponsoring the event.

Special speakers may be invited to address a club, organization, or student body. The club advisor should contact the Vice President of Student Services or the Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services prior to inviting a speaker to obtain speaker approval and to ensure that proper procedures are followed.