A SAP Warning status occurs the first time a student fails to meet the minimum standard in any one of the components. If a student is placed on SAP Warning they will still be eligible to receive Student Financial Aid for one more term without appealing the circumstances. Upon the end of the next period of enrollment the student meets the minimum standards they will “automatically” be reinstated to SAP “Good Standing.” If upon the end of the student’s next period of enrollment they have not met the minimum standards they will be in a SAP Suspension status. An Appeal of the circumstances would need to be submitted for any future consideration of using Title IV and/or State student aid at DACC.


Failure to complete the minimum cumulative standards of either component while on a SAP Warning will result in the SAP SUSPENSION of a student’s future aid eligibility. Total withdrawal (a “grade” of “W” posted to transcript) or total failure (a grade of “F” posted to transcript) will result in SAP SUSPENSION. This includes the refund period if Title IV was accepted for the days you were in attendance. A student placed on SAP SUSUPENSION is NOT eligible for future Federal and/or State student aid at DACC.

MAXIMUM HOURS ATTEMPTED (Cumulative Quantitative Measure)

Time of Completion: Title IV and/or Illinois State Student Aid eligibility will be suspended if the student exceeds the 150% completion of the published program time frame for all cumulative credit hours attempted (not earned). Remedial coursework credit hours attempted will be counted as part of the program of study timeframe. Students who require remedial coursework are limited to a maximum of thirty (30) credit hours of attempted remedial coursework. The student is advised to work with their academic advisor to “stay on pace” to complete their educational goal.

Student’s on SAP Suspension due to exceeding the maximum time frame (not remaining on pace in cumulative attempted hours) are no longer eligible for student aid funding. They may submit a personal letter (an Appeal) explaining and documenting why they did not stay on pace and complete their program of study within the published timeframe. The Appeal letter must be submitted with an academic plan of program completion including total hours and semesters still required to complete the program. This plan is called a Degree Audit and must be prepared by the student’s DACC academic advisor/counselor. The Appeals Committee will take into consideration that remedial coursework may have extended the timeframe towards a completion date.


If the student feels there were circumstances beyond their control that affected their academic performance, they may appeal the SAP Suspension. An appeal is a written statement from the student with supporting documentation explaining your circumstances and your plans to be successful in the future semesters. Other support documentation could include:

  • A physician who can document that an illness or accident prevented the student from successfully completing their studies and that the student is now able to successfully resume their studies.
  • A physician/clergy/counselor who can verify that the death or life-threatening illness of an immediate family member prevented the student from successfully completing their course work and the family circumstance is no longer applicable.
  • An academic advisor/counselor or an employer, childcare provider, etc. who knows about circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevented the completion of course work and these circumstances have been resolved


If the student’s Appeal decision is for reinstatement (approval) they will be placed on SAP Probation and be awarded from Title IV and/or State student aid programs for which they are eligible. A student should be aware that appeal approvals may have certain limitations and specific conditions that must be followed to continue using financial aid funding. An Academic Plan for Success (APS) may be mandated by the Appeals Committee. The APS would be prepared by the student’s academic advisor/counselor (or other pertinent DACC staff) and the student would need to agree to the plan before further student aid would be awarded. The student must be successful with their APS each semester to continue receiving student aid for which they may be eligible (remain on Probation).

A student on SAP Probation who then meets the minimum standards will “automatically” be placed in to Good Standing status.


The deadline to submit an appeal is no later than two weeks PRIOR to the semester the student wishes to attend and be reviewed for eligibility for student aid. If the student misses the appeal deadline the appeal WILL NOT be considered for that semester. It is to be student’s advantage to submit an Appeal immediately after being notified of their SAP status. Appeal deadlines are published in the Student News, DACC’s Financial Aid WEB page (under “Important Dates”) and various bulletin boards on campus. The SAP status notices highlights the two week prior to the term deadline.

Appeal decisions are sent via the U.S. Postal system. If a student is not clear of the meaning of the appeal response they may visit the financial aid office for clarification of the Committee's decision. In order to protect a student’s privacy these matters will not be discussed over the phone. The student is not privy to who serves on the Appeals Committee and will not have an opportunity to meet members in person or via email or phone communication. The Committee consists of faculty, staff and administrative personnel.


These requirements are mandated by federal regulations - satisfactory academic progress is the law. The SAP policy applies to all students including first time financial aid recipients. Past academic history (if any) at DACC is evaluated before financial aid is awarded.