DACC Policies & Procedures

DACC Policies & Procedures


College policies and procedures which assure student rights and define student responsibilities can be found in the DACC Board Policies and Procedures Manual, the Student Handbook, the College Catalog, and the College’s Website. The following lists many, but not all, of the rights that students are afforded on the DACC campus and indicates responsibilities that students accept as members of the DACC community.

DACC Students have the right to.....

  • Expect quality instructional programs, academic support services, and student services;
  • Know the admission policy, placement testing requirements, and the costs of attendance;
  • Know the requirements, evaluation measures, and the attendance policy for courses;
  • Know the academic and financial aid Standards of Progress;
  • Know financial aid availability, how eligibility is determined, how awards are calculated, and when awarded (if applicable);
  • Know completion requirements for associate degrees and certificates;
  • Know graduation rates and campus crime statistics;
  • Expect a campus learning environment in which students, staff and faculty treat one another with respect and conduct themselves as good citizens of the campus community;
  • Expect a campus climate which is drug and alcohol free, in which students from diverse backgrounds are free from any kind of harassment or intimidation, and which welcomes students with disabilities and affords them access to the physical environment as well as to all programs and services;
  • Feel safe and comfortable on the DACC campus; and
  • Know the process to address a grievance/complaint and have the opportunity to communicate issues and concerns as needed.

DACC Students have the following responsibilities and are expected to.....

  • Read the College Catalog, Student Handbook, and the DACC website to become familiar with and abide by DACC policies and procedures;
  • Provide accurate and honest information on all college forms, applications, etc.;
  • Be aware of course, program of study, and graduation requirements;
  • Meet financial commitments to the College;
  • Demonstrate academic integrity by participating and completing all coursework assignments and projects in an honest manner;
  • Communicate and relate to all faculty, staff, and other students with respect and to present themselves in and outside of the classroom in a manner appropriate to a community of adults;
  • Refrain from participating in any behavior or activity which is in violation of the College’s Conduct Code, Sexual Misconduct/Violence Policy, Drug-Free Learning Environment, or Anti-Harassment in Education Policies;
  • Demonstrate regard for college property including facilities, equipment, and available technology, and to abide by the DACCnet Acceptable Use Policy, including use of or surfing pornography sites; and
  • Notify College officials if a condition exists which is in violation of a student’s rights, College policies, standards, and/or procedures.