Firearms Conceal & Carry; Internet/DACCNet Acceptable Use

Firearms Conceal & Carry; Internet/DACCNet Acceptable Use


Pursuant to Illinois Public Act 098-0063 – The Firearms Concealed Carry Act, the carrying of concealed firearms shall not be allowed on any Danville Area Community College property or grounds, in any college buildings or facilities, at any college sponsored event, or within any college vehicle, whether owned or leased, regardless of whether a person is in possession of a concealed carry permit, except as specifically authorized by this policy. Individuals holding a valid concealed carry permit issued by the State of Illinois, and who are on College property for a legitimate purpose, may store their firearm in a secured container within their locked vehicle (parked in a College parking lot) while they are on campus.



DACC is Danville Area Community College, Illinois Community College District No. 507. DACCnet is the entire DACC computer system, including all DACC-owned and DACC-leased computer hardware and software, the campus network, the campus Internet circuit(s), and all dial-up and other remote- access hardware and software.


In support of its mission of teaching and serving the community, DACC provides access to information technology resources to students, faculty and staff, within institutional priorities and financial capabilities. All members of the DACC community who use DACCnet must do so responsibly. All users of college-owned or college-leased information technology must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of physical facilities and controls, and comply with all pertinent licenses and contractual agreements. All users of information technology are bound by applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, and by other board policies and procedures.

Acceptable Use:

It is Acceptable to Use DACCnet

  • for purposes relating directly to education or research

It is Unacceptable to Use DACCnet

  • for any illegal purposes
  • to interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment
  • gain unauthorized access to hardware or software resources
  • for personal, financial, or political reason
  • to distribute unsolicited advertising
  • to intentionally transmit or receive threatening, obscene, or harassing materials
  • to propagate computer worms or viruses or other disruptive or destructive constructs

E-mail Guidelines

  • Be professional when sending E-mail; be careful what you say to or about others.
  • Do not send E-mail which may be offensive to the recipient.
  • Do not assume that E-mail is necessarily private to you and the recipient.


Violations of this policy may be met with a reduction of access to DACCnet, or with complete denial or access to DACCnet. Student violators may be brought to the attention of Student Code of Conduct Officers, who may take further action. Action taken by DACC does not eliminate the possibility of legal action taken by others.

Questions related to the DACCnet Acceptable Use Policy should be addressed to:

Internet System Administrator, Danville Area Community College, 2000 East Main Street, Danville, IL 61832,