Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations

Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations

Campus speed limit is 15 mph.

Common sense and respect for others is expected of all students and staff as well as visitors to the DACC Campus.

Student Parking Areas

The College has designated specific areas of the Campus as restricted parking areas; restricting parking in the designated areas to students, faculty, staff or visitors to the College. Students, faculty members, staff members, and visitors may only park in the areas for the respective classification and parking in all other areas is prohibited. Signs specifying the designated restrictions shall be posted at or near the designated areas. Student Workers/College Work Study students are NOT allowed to park in the Faculty/Staff parking lots. Unless otherwise noted on the sign posted at the designated area, the restrictions shall apply and be in full force and effect at all times. Please note the College does have an electric car charging station located in the Technology Center’s south lot/drive.

Student Parking Permits

Visitors and students are NOT required to obtain permits to park in designated areas for parking by visitors or students respectively.

Violations & Notices

Any person violating the provisions of these Parking Regulations may be subject to the fines and penalties hereinafter specified. Upon a determination by security personnel of the College that a vehicle is parked on the Campus in violation of these Parking Regulations a report of the violation shall be completed and delivered to the Operations Facility office of the College. The report shall specify the date, time and location of the violation and the license number of the vehicle. Upon receipt of a report of a violation of these Parking Regulations, the designated office shall complete and mail to the owner or user of the vehicle parking in violation of these Parking Regulations at the last known address of said person, a Notice of Parking Violation. The notice shall be in a form approved by a Safety & Security Administrator and shall specify the date, time and location of the violation of these Parking Regulations, and shall further specify whether the violation is a first, second, third or subsequent violation of these Parking Regulations for the school calendar year, beginning July 1st.

The Notice shall further specify the amount due as a fine for the violation as provided in these Parking Regulations, the time for payment of said fine, the place or places said fine can be paid, and any additional penalties or interest that will become due for a failure to make timely payment of all amounts due for the violation.

Fines and Penalties

There shall be due and owing to the College as a fine for violations of these Parking Regulations, the following amounts:

  1. No fee, but a written warning for the first violation within the calendar year;
  2. $15.00 for the second violation within the calendar year;
  3. $30.00 for the third and each subsequent violation committed within the calendar year.

Payment of all fines as specified herein must be received at the designated location for payment of fines within 10 calendar days of the date of mailing the Notice as provided herein. If the required payment is not timely received, a late payment charge of $10.00 shall be due in addition to the specified fine.

Any student to whom one or more Notice(s) of Violation have been sent/and for which timely payment has not been received by the College shall have a hold notice placed upon said student’s records and no further course registration, grade report, transcript or other record function shall be taken until all amounts due from said student for violations of the Parking Regulations have been paid in full.

Any person to whom three (3) or more Notices of Violation have been sent within a calendar year, shall be subject to, in addition to all other fines and penalties provided for herein, having his/her vehicle parked in violation of these Parking Regulations, for the 4th or subsequent violation, removed and towed from the Campus and stored at the towing company premises. Any person whose vehicle is towed from Campus as provided herein, shall be responsible for and shall timely pay all charges for the towing and storage of said vehicle.

DACC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. Please lock your vehicles.