Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid Recipients

Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid Recipients

The Danville Area Community College (DACC) Office of Financial Aid is required by federal regulation (HEA Subpart B, 34 CFR 668.16(e), Subpart C, CFR 668.32, 668.34, 668.42, 668.43) to monitor academic progress toward a degree or certificate for all degree seeking aid applicants. As a result, the Office of Financial Aid reviews the academic history of all attempted credit hours of all applicants prior to the awarding of Title IV Federal Student Aid and/or Illinois State Student Aid. These standards must have components of a Quantitative Measure (the Pace at which the student must be completing their Program of Study) and a Qualitative Measure (the grades a student must be obtaining in their coursework) and be reviewed at stated intervals. At DACC SAP is reviewed at the end of each enrollment period.

Academic progress is evaluated the first time a student is awarded student financial aid and at the end of each term thereafter. If during the semester, a student withdraws from a class we will contact them and remind them of the SAP standards and ask that they review them again in the published College materials (Student Handbook, College Catalog and the DACC’s Financial Aid WEB page). This process may help the student remain in "good standing" with the Federal and State student financial aid programs criteria.

The Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) apply to the following programs:

  • Federal Title IV Programs: Pell Grant, Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant, College Work- Study, Direct Loan Program (Stafford Loan Program), and the Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission Programs: Monetary Award Program, Veteran's Grant, National Guard and the MIA/POW Scholarship
  • Veteran’s Educational Benefits: All Chapter’s and Post 9/11 Benefits


The student is required to meet the standards listed below or eligibility to receive student financial aid will be placed in a Financial Aid SAP WARNING status or a Financial Aid SAP SUSPENSION status or a Financial Aid SAP PROBATION status.

To be in SAP “GOOD STANDING” a student must be meeting the minimum standards each enrollment period by having a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0, a success rate of 67% of all credits attempted and complete their program of study within the published time frames formatted in credit hours.


At the end of each enrollment period SAP is reviewed. Cumulatively a student must successfully complete a minimum percentage of all credit hours attempted to stay on pace for completing their program before reaching the maximum time frame allowed. Attempted credit hours include any credit hours in which the student was enrolled in after the refund period is over.

If the student accepted Federal Title IV aid for days attended during the refund period but then totally withdrew from all credit hours the student will be placed on SAP Suspension. Some students will have slightly different refund periods because of late starting classes or classes that end early. Each semester's refund period is published at the DACC WEB page, in the Student News or a student may contact the Registration Office for the dates or any questions concerning withdrawals.

Successful completion of a class is a letter grade of A, B, C, D, S. Unsuccessful completion of a class is defined as Failure (F), Withdrawal (W), Incomplete (I), or Unsatisfactory (U). Remedial classes are graded as: passing "S" for satisfactory or "U" unsatisfactory (which is considered not completing the course work). The completion rate requirement applies to remedial classes. Note that remedial coursework does not calculate into a GPA. All classes that are repeated (including grade exclusions) are counted in the Quantitative (Pace) Measure.

Students who have attended other post-secondary institutions are required to have an official grade transcript from these schools on file in the DACC Records office. Transfer credit that is evaluated to apply towards their program of study at DACC will be included in the total credit hours attempted and earned as part of the quantitative measure (the Pace) of maximum time frame allowance.

Minimum Percentage - A student must complete 67% of cumulative hours attempted to be on pace for completion of program. The first time a student fails to successfully complete the minimum percentage of credit hours required they must be placed on financial aid WARNING for the next term of enrollment.

Total withdrawal (a “grade” of “W” posted to transcript) or total failure (a grade of “F” posted to transcript) will result in SUSPENSION. This includes the refund period if Title IV funds were accepted for the days in attendance (regardless if tuition and/or fee charges were cancelled).

Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement (Qualitative Measure) - The student is required to earn and maintain a 2.0 (C) Cumulative grade point average out of a possible 4.0 scale.