Please find below an alphabetical list of documents cited in the 2009 Self-Study Report as being located in the Resource Room (RR). The number after RR (for example, RR-001) refers to the locator code assigned to document. Three mobile carts are labeled with the locator code range filed within that particular cart. Larger documents are filed within binders on the table with respective locator codes. Some documents are located in the RR as well as electronically (E). Appendix items are noted as well.

  • 2000 Census, Vermilion County, IL (RR-001)
  • 2004 HLC Focused Visit Report (RR-002)
  • 21st Century Scholars (RR-003)
  • 21st Century Workforce Study (RR-004)
  • A Chance for All (RR-005)
  • Academic Advisement & Counseling Portfolio (RR-006, located on Binder table)
  • Academic Profile & Education Testing Service (ETS) reports (RR-007)
  • Access, Equity, and Diversity Advisory Committee agendas & minutes (RR-008, located on Binder table)
  • Administrative Council agendas & minutes (RR-009, located on Binder table)
  • Administrative Services Manual (RR-010)
  • Alumni Newsletter (E & RR-011)
  • Annual Budget Request forms (E & RR-012)
  • Annual Reports: 1999-2008 (RR-013)
  • Approved Budgets (FY 2004-2009) (RR-014)
  • Assessment Portfolios (RR-015A-D)
    Departmental Assessments (RR-015A, located on Binder table)
    Business and Technology (RR-015B, located on Binder table)
    Liberal Arts (RR-015C, located on Binder table)
    Math and Science (RR-015D, located on Binder table)
  • Assessment forms & samples (E)
    Course-Level Assessment Report (form)
    Department/Office-Level Assessment Report (form)
    Department/Office-Level Planning Chart (form & sample)
    General Education Outcomes matrix form & sample)
    Program-Level Assessment Report (form & sample)
  • Audits 2007 2008 (E & RR-016)
  • Board Agendas (E & RR-017, located on Binder table)
  • Board Minutes (E 2006-Present) (previous years locked in fireproof safe-Presidential Suite)
  • Board Polices and Procedures Manual (E & RR-019, located on Binder table)
  • CAAP (Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency) Linkage Report (RR-020)
  • Campus Climate Surveys & Reports (RR-021)
  • Campus Master Plan & ICCB Resource Allocation Management Plan (RAMP) (RR-022)
  • CCSSE 2004 & 2006 Comparison (Benchmark Item Composition) (RR-023)
  • CCSSE 2004 & 2006 Reports (RR-024, located on Binder table)
  • Charge Backs (RR- 025)
  • Choices & Voices (CQI newsletter) (E & RR- 026)
  • Clinical sites - comprehensive list (RR-027)
  • Coffee & Conversation minutes (RR-028)
  • College Catalog (E & RR-029)
  • College for Kids brochure (E & RR- 030)
  • Commencement Programs (1964-2008) (RR-031, located on Binder table)
  • Comparison of Faculty (9 & 12 month) Fiscal Year 2007 Contractual Base Salaries (Appendix H) (RR-031)
  • Competency Exam materials (RR-033)
  • Contractual Agreements (Community College Educational Agreement) (RR-034)
  • Cooperative Agreements (RR-035)
    Concept School of Cosmetology
    Lakeview College of Nursing
    Library agreements
  • Corporate and Community Education Surveys (RR-036)
  • Correctional Center Agreements (RR-037)
  • Curriculum Guides (RR-038, located on Binder table)
  • DACCEA Contract/Agreement (Faculty) (E & RR-039)
  • DACCnet Internet Acceptable Use Policy (E & RR-040)
  • DACC Student News (E & RR-041, located on Binder table)
  • Danville Area Labor Management Council minutes (RR-042, located on Binder table)
  • Diversity Team Activity Portfolios (RR-142, located on Binder table)
  • Donor Recognition Dinner programs (RR-043)
  • Dual Enrollment History (1997-2008) (E & RR-045)
  • Economic Impact of Danville Area Community College (RR-046)
  • Emergency Operations Plan (E & RR-047, located on Binder table)
  • Employee Directory (E & RR-048)
  • Employee Listing (Full- & Part-time) (RR- 048A)
  • Employee Recognition Celebration programs (RR-049, located on Binder table)
  • Employee Survey (E & RR-050)
  • Employment Application (E & RR-051)
  • Endowed Chair Awards & Proposals (RR-052)
  • Essay Rubric for Liberal Arts (Social Science Writing Rubric Project) (RR-053)
  • Exit Exam materials (ENGL101: Rhetoric I & Composition) (RR-054)
  • Expanded Administrative Council agendas & minutes (RR-055, located on Binder table)
  • Faculty Publications (RR-056)
    • Business Communication at Work by Marilyn Satterwhite and Judith Olson-Sutton
    • "Catching Earl" by Ryan Stone
    • College English and Communication by Sue C. Camp and Marilyn Satterwhite
    • English 9 by Judy Turner
    • "Generic Critical Thinking Infusion and Course Content Learning in Introductory Psychology" by Tom Solon
    • The Geology of Vermilion County and Nearby Geologic Sites by Carl G. Davis
    • Get Ready for A & P by Lori Garrett
    • Introduction to Horticulture: Science and Technology by Charles B. Schroeder, et al.
    • Introduction to Landscaping: Design, Construction, and Maintenance by Ronald J. Biondo and Charles B. Schroeder
    • "Man, Woman, Gun" by Ryan Stone
    • The Red Blackboard: An American Teacher in China by Ruth Koenig
    • "Run Nowhere" by Ryan Stone
    • Second Chance by Martha Kay
    • Slave Mission and the Black Church in the Antebellum South by Janet Duitsman Cornelius
    • Understanding American Government by Charles A. Hantz, et al.
    • Women of Conscience by Janet Duitsman Cornelius and Martha LaFrenz Kay
  • Faculty Roster (Full- & Part-time) Teaching Assignments (E)
  • Federal Compliance (Appendix K) (RR-057)
  • Financial Aid (Federal Compliance) (RR-058)
    Administrative Capability
    Approval Letter, Federal Student Aid School Eligibility
    Campus Security Report
    DACC Annual Audit - Financial Aid section
    EADA Survey 2008
    Federal Student Handbook (2007-2008)
    IBHE Illinois Student Financial Aid Survey 2008
    ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission) State Audit results 2007
    National Student Clearinghouse
    Providing Consumer Information
  • Financial Planning and Projections including Current and Historical Trend Data (2005-2009) (RR-059)
  • Foundation Feasibility Study (RR-060)
  • Foundation Scholarship Information (RR-061, located on Binder table)
  • Foundation Honors Program (inserts from local newspaper) (RR-062)
  • Foundation publications (RR-063, located on Binder table)
  • Founders' Day Luncheon (2006 & 2008 programs) (RR-064)
  • Full-time Staff In-Service Documents (RR-081)
  • General Education Outcomes Assessment Matrix (Assessment Portfolio) (RR-065, located on Binder table)
    Business and Technology
    Liberal Arts
    Math and Science
  • General Education Outcomes Matrix (form) (E & RR-065)
  • Graduate Exit Survey (RR-066)
  • Graduate Occupational Follow-Up Survey (RR-067)
  • Grant Revenue History (Appendix F) (RR-068)
  • Green Collar Jobs and Technologies (RR-069)
    Illinois Community College Sustainability Network (ICCSN)
    A Proposal to Rapidly Build the Green Collar Workforce and Create Jobs
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) - Certificate of Accreditation (RR-070)
  • History of In-District Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour (Appendix D) (RR-071)
  • Human Resources Report (Appendix G) (RR-072)
  • ICCB Administrative Rules (E & RR-073, located on Binder table)
  • ICCB Annual Performance Report (Fiscal Years: 2005-2008) (RR-074)
  • ICCB Recognition Visit Report (2006) (RR-075)
  • Illinois Community College Fiscal Management Manual (RR-076)
  • Illinois Community College Tuition/Fees Rates FY09 and FY10 (Appendix E) (RR-077)
  • Illinois Public Community College Act & Illinois Revised Statutes (RR-078)
  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Fall Housing Report (2007-2008) (RR-079)
  • Incident / Accident Report (E & RR-080)
  • In-Service Documents (1999-2009) (RR-081, located on Binder table)
  • Institutional Change Request document (copy sent to Board of Trustees) (RR-082)
  • Institutional Effectiveness / Assessment of Student Learning Committee minutes (RR-083)
  • Institutional Effectiveness Reports (Fiscal Years: 2002-2008) (E & RR-084)
  • Institutional Snapshot (Appendix J) (RR-085)
  • Job Training Partnership (JTP) Reports (June 2006-March 2009) (RR-086)
  • List of employees and community activities, see Annual Reports (RR-013)
  • Marketing & Recruitment Plan 2009-2012 (E & RR-088)
  • Meardy Outstanding Faculty of the Year Recipients (flyer) (E & RR-089)
  • Mission Statement Survey materials (E & RR-090)
  • Moody's Report (RR-091)
  • New Employee packet (RR-092)
  • New Student Orientation packet (RR-093)
  • National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) - Certificate of Accreditation (RR-094)
  • NISOD Innovation Abstracts (RR-095, located on Binder table)
  • Office of Accommodation: (RR-096)
    Tutoring Statistics
    Disability Trend 2000-2008
    Registered Disabilities
    Tutoring Statistics
  • Office of Instruction minutes (RR-097, located on Binder table)
  • Online Course, Program, and Services Planning Worksheets (RR-098)
  • Online Student Satisfaction Survey (E & RR-099)
  • Operating Funds Revenue Allocation Table (Appendix C) (RR-100)
  • Organizational Chart (Appendix B) (RR-101)
  • Partners in Education (RR-102)
  • Part-time Faculty Handbook (RR-103)
  • Part-time Faculty Workshops (RR-104, located on Binder table)
  • Performance Appraisal Forms (E & RR-105)
    Classified Staff
    Staff Evaluation of Administrator
  • Plain Brown Rapper (E & RR-106, located on Binder table)
  • Policy Statement: Drug-Free Learning Environment (E & RR-044)
  • Presidential Scholar Community Service Activities & Hours (RR-107)
  • President's Annual Reports (to the Board-confidential) (RR-108, located on Binder table)
  • Progress Report to the HLC 2002 (RR-109)
  • Radiologic Technology - Certificate of Accreditation (RR-110)
  • Recognition Ceremony Programs (RR-049)
  • Request for Institutional Change: Online Delivered Programs (2004 Evaluation Visit) (RR-111)
  • Response to the Concerns of the 1999 Comprehensive Visit (RR-112)
  • Self Study Plan (presentation at Fall 2006 In-service) (RR-113)
  • Self Study Team Minutes (E & RR-114, located on Binder table)
  • Social Science Writing Rubric Project (RR-053)
  • Staff Contract (E & RR-115)
  • Staff Reports (E & RR-116, located on Binder table)
  • Strategic Plan (2006-2008; 2009-2012) (E & RR-117)
  • Strategic Planning Flowchart (Appendix I) (RR-118)
  • Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, and Prioritizing Data (October 2007 In-Service) (RR-119)
  • Student Complaint Log (RR-120)
  • Student Enrollment by Ethnicity (Appendix A) (RR-121)
  • Student Handbook (RR-122)
  • Student Housing brochure (RR-123)
  • Student Services Annual Report (RR-124)
  • Student Services Constitution Week Education Celebration (RR-125)
  • Student Services ENRICH Program Surveys (RR-126)
  • Student Services Operational and Assessment Plan (RR-127)
  • Student Services Spring 2009 Activities Schedule & Evaluations (RR-128)
  • Student Services Staff Meeting and Retreat Survey (RR-129)
  • Student Services Underrepresented Groups Report (1999-2009) (RR-130)
  • Student Success Center handbooks (3) on Disability Accommodations (RR-096)
  • Student Survey (RR-131)
  • Tabloid (Summer 2004-Spring 2009) (RR-132)
  • Teacher-Course Evaluation Questionnaire (RR-133, located on Binder table)
  • Technical Writing examples (on display table)
  • Technology Plan (2004-2006; 2007-2010) (E & RR-135)
  • Thank You card from Leadership Team (RR-136)
  • Third Party Comment Notices (RR-137, located on Binder table)
  • Title III Compliance and Recertification Letter (RR-138)
  • Underrepresented Groups Report (1999-2009) (RR-130)
  • Waiting for Rain (DACC's literary publication) (RR-140)
  • Wall of Distinction brochures (RR-141)


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