Adding Images to Blackboard pool

Adding Images to Blackboard pool

Blackboard Assignments/Testing

Add Graphic, Links and Files to Blackboard
Pool, Test or Survey Question

Instructors can add images to Blackboard test, survey, and pool questions. However, a setting must be changed to allow this. The instructions below describe this procedure.

Navigate to Test, Survey and Pool Manager

  • In the Control Panel, click the arrow next to Course Tools to open the menu.
  • Select "Tests, Surveys and Pools".

Change Question Settings

After entering the Test, Survey and Pool Manager:

  1. Click the appropriate section where the item resides (Tests, Surveys, or Pools).
  2. Click the chevron next to the item to edit.
  3. Select "Edit".

    Change Question Settings Graphic

    1. Click "Question Settings", the button on the upper right. This displays a number of settings.
    2. Under Images, Files, and External Links, click the box next to "Add images, files, and external links to questions. This allows the instructor to include these items in the questions.
    3. You can also allow students to submit images, files and external links with answers by selecting that option.


  1. Click "Submit" to save the changes.

    Question Settings Graphic 2

Add Image, File or External Link to Question

In your Question options, you will now see options, below the text editor, to add files and images. You also have a globe icon in the lower task bar to include external links. If you do not see this task bar, click the downward-facing arrow on the left side of the text editor (below the text formatting options). To add an image or file:

  1. Browse for the item using the Browse button next to "File".
  2. Select the desired action. For instance, if you want to embed the image on the question page, select "Display Image within the page" from the dropdown menu next to "Action".

    Add Image to Question Graphic

  3. Proceed as you normally would to complete the test, survey, or pool.