Printing Discussion Forums

Printing Discussion Forums

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Printing Discussion Forums

Enter Forum

First, enter the appropriate forum by clicking on the forum title link.

Print Forum Pic 1

Collect Items for Printing

Items can be collected in either “List View” or “Tree View”. Note that if you do use Tree View, you must click the plus icons to view all reply posts. Using List View eliminates this step. For this tutorial, we are using “List View”, so select the button for List View at the top right.

Print Forum Pic 2

Here, you will see the threads and reply posts.

To print all threads and replies, click the checkbox in the upper left, as noted in this graphic. Select the “Collect” button (or check posts from individual students).

IMPORTANT: Do not select blank posts. Posts that have a dash as the subject are blank. If you include these posts, you will receive an error when trying to print.

Print forum pic 3


After clicking “Collect”, you will see all of the selected posts.

Click the “Print Preview” button to display these posts in a new window. You will also see the printer selection screen.

Print forum pic 4

To print the document to your printer, select the desired printer, if it is not already checked. Then click OK.

Print forum pic 5