Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty Training for Blackboard Learn
(required for those planning to teach an online course)

Blackboard training is mandatory for DACC faculty using Blackboard with their courses. The length of training required is dependent on the type of course being taught and previous experience with learning management systems.

Registration Information:
Training sessions and workshops are offered throughout the year. For more information or to register for training, please contact Maggie Hoover at mhoover@dacc.edu or (217) 443-8885

DACC's Online Course Standards


Pointers & Clickers: ION's Technology Tip of the Month
The Illinois Online Network (ION) provides an article that describes one technology tip each month for instructors who teach in the online environment. The articles are practical and usually non-technical. For example, one article deals with why ice breakers are important in an online class and offers links to other articles that provide various ice breakers.

ION free monthly Webinars
Each month, the Illinois Online Network sponsors a FREE monthly Webinar. For a description of the current Webinar and a list of upcoming sessions, go to the ION Monthly Webinar site. To attend a Webinar, register in the upper right corner (or, if you are already registered with ION, just login).

ION's Online Education Resources
A selected list of resources dealing with various aspects of online education and the online environment in general.


The Journal of Educators Online
JEO's publication states that the journal is "an online, double-blind, refereed journal by and for instructors, administrators, policy-makers, staff, students, and those interested in the development, delivery, and management of online courses in the Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Medicine, and Sciences."


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