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#MyDACCStory highlights Morgan, a Rad Tech student preparing to graduate next month. This 2018 graduate of Armstrong Township High School got a head start on college with dual enrollment.

Morgan says her most memorable DACC moment was when she got the acceptance letter and phone call from the DACC Radiology program. “It was like a dream come true!” Now she serves as Treasurer of the Rad Tech Club.

Though she’s held a job through most of her college years, Morgan knows the importance of scholarship support. She was fortunate to receive several scholarships through the DACC Foundation including the Hoopeston Area Healthcare Foundation Scholarship, ConAgra Brands Scholarship, and the DACC Employees Scholarship.

“The things I like about my program include the relationships formed between our professors and my class, the amount of hands-on experience I gained in classes and clinicals, and the one-on-one time with instructors,” Morgan explains.

DACC was her first choice because, “the classes are just the right size and the campus offers great diversity in staff and students. DACC was affordable for me and my family.” Morgan is a member of DACC’s extended family since her mom, Gina, is a DACC employee as well as a fellow student!

Morgan dreams of meeting celebrity Cole Sprouse and a trip to Greece – though not necessarily at the same time. The last time she experienced a random act of kindness was when she was having lunch with some classmates. “We went to lunch in our bright teal (Rad Tech student) scrubs and someone in the restaurant paid for our lunches, so we returned the favor and paid for the lunch of a veteran who was sitting near us.”

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Morgan. You and your classmates make DACC proud!
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#MyDACCStory highlights Makenzie who is finishing up her last semester of pre-reqs for the DACC Nursing program....

Makenzie is a mom who works both full- and part-time jobs, so she really appreciates the flexibility to schedule her DACC classes around her work and family commitments. She says the best thing about her chosen field of study is “learning how the body works…it never ceases to amaze me. I find everything about science fascinating.”

Makenzie’s perfect day is spending the whole day outside in the sun. Her dream vacation would be a trip to Bora Bora where there is no shortage of sunny days! Movie nights include her favorite food, pizza, and any of the Marvel movies.

Personal “alone time” is at a premium, so Makenzie finds her “happy place” when she’s doing strength training at the gym. It’s not surprising that this working-student-mom would name the ability to fly as her super power of choice!


#MyDACCStory highlights Hollianne, a nursing student from Armstrong High School. As a beneficiary of both the DACC Presidential Scholarship and Lowell and Florence Crawford Scholarship, Hollianne... knows the value of completing the DACC Foundation Scholarship application – due by March 29. Besides her nursing studies, Hollianne has been active in the Board of Student Scholars (BOSS) and Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society where she serves as VP of Membership.

Hollianne chose DACC because she wanted the small class sizes and personal attention of a smaller college. “When I started at DACC, it was not uncommon for everyone in class to know each other by the end of the week. The instructors are compassionate and dedicated to helping students succeed.”

Her favorite part of the nursing program is the clinical rotations. “I enjoy the opportunity for hands- on experience and putting new skills into practice.”

Her perfect day is driving with no destination in mind, but finding adventure along the way. She’s happiest when relaxing with her family and friends, preferably with a burger and fries, and Alan Jackson playing in the background. Her book club recommendation is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.


#MyDACCStory highlights Jalon who is working on a gen ed degree focused on social service in hopes of being a Community Organizer in the future. Jalon is proud... to have received scholarships from the DACC Foundation. He stays busy on campus by working in the Greenhouse.

Jalon’s most memorable DACC moment was when the TRiO program visited the University of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. He says, “I enjoy visiting places I’ve never been. Though I’ve never had a special interest in art, it was nice to get out of my comfort place and learn about something different.”

Someone Jalon would like to meet is Barack Obama. “He has a beautiful family, great personality, and he’s a charming guy. I’d love to learn from him.” He says his perfect day would be enjoying world peace. Jalon has two favorite movies, The Dark Knight and Malcolm X, and his favorite musical artist is Michael Jackson.


#MyDACCStory highlights Mariah a nursing student in the LPN... to RN program. Mariah says her most memorable moment at DACC was when she completed her Certified Nurse Assistant program through College Express at DACC when she was 16 and still a student at Danville High School. She completed the Level 1 Nursing program in December 2020, and is now working to earn her Associate Degree in Nursing and to sit for the Registered Nurse exam.

Mariah says, “I like that nursing offers a wide range of opportunities. There are many different aspects of nursing to choose.”

If she could choose a superpower, Mariah would choose to heal illness and disease.

DACC was the right choice for her because “everyone has been so helpful, from the Cashier to the Bookstore.” The DACC Cashier holds a special place in Mariah’s heart because her family funds the Norma Thompson Memorial Scholarship that she received through the DACC Foundation. Mariah also received the Shane Family scholarship.

Mariah says she is happiest when “I’m with my three boys, because they make me feel complete.” Her perfect day is sunny, warm, and full of “good vibes.” Her favorite food is sweet potato pie, and her favorite book is A Child Called It.

Good luck, Mariah. We need all the caring, compassionate nurses we can get!
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#MyDACCStory highlights Alexis, a 2nd year Rad Tech ...student who is getting ready to graduate in May. Lexi leads an incredibly busy life, on and off campus. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the Vice President of the DACC Rad Tech Club. If she isn’t at clinicals or studying for classes, she might be your waitress at Applebees, where she’s worked for four years.

Lexi started pursuing medical studies as a junior at Westville High School as part of the DACC College Express Health Occupations program. She received an Associate in Arts degree from DACC in May, 2019, and then entered the Rad Tech program.

Lexi says, “DACC has offered me everything that I need to be successful. It is affordable, close to home, and it offered the medical training that I need for my career.”

The best thing about being in the Rad Tech program, according to Lexi, is the diversity of clinical experiences. “We get to travel around to different clinical sites from here in town to Level 1 trauma centers in Champaign.” She really appreciates the depth of knowledge passed along from Program Director Tammy Howard and Professor Heidi Young. “You can see their passion for the x-ray world!”

Lexi says her dream vacation would include any international travel, but she especially would like to visit Italy. “I want to visit different cities, museums, enjoy the views of the mountains and visit beaches.” Since her favorite foods include pizza and pasta she says, “It is a dream destination!”

The last time Lexi experienced a random act of kindness was when someone paid it forward in the drive through lane. “I was on my lunch break from clinical. I was in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through and the car ahead of me paid for my coffee. It really made my whole day. If you know me, you know I love my iced coffee. It really is the little things that mean the most.” She was so touched that she says, “I, of course, passed on the act of kindness and paid for the car behind me.”