Other Fitness Options

Other Fitness Options

In addition to the Fitness Center, the Fitness Program provides guided exercises.

Boot Camp: This class will help students get into shape, reduce stress, increase energy, and build confidence.  Boot Camp students will learn how to warm up and cool down, exercise at a medium to high intensity using a combination of calisthenics, plyometric, strength workouts, dumbbells, and much more. 

Pilates: The course teaches performance of movement and exercise in a progressive approach and offers an opportunity to improve and/or maintain a high level of fitness through application of the principles of conditioning. This is a non-impact, whole body conditioning mat exercises that are based on the work of fitness pioneer Joseph Pilates. The mat work increases core strength and stabilization, builds muscle tone, and improves coordination, balance and flexibility. It can be modified to various fitness levels. As a result, each student works at their own appropriate level.

Yoga I: This class introduces values and skills of Hatha Yoga (set of physical yoga exercises) for the novice student and offers opportunities to expand knowledge and skills for the experienced student.  The emphasis to increase flexibility, health, and relaxation; and to decrease stress in daily living.  A typical class will include breathing techniques, meditation and asana practice, such as standing, balancing, and inverted poses.  Students are encouraged to understand their own limitations and work within their bounds.

Weight Training: This course offers basic skills in the safe use of equipment and improvement in strength, endurance, and flexibility. These skills are also geared toward specific training techniques that would be valuable for athletes.