Coordinated Engineering Program

Coordinated Engineering Program

Math, Sciences & Health Professions
Associates in Engineering Science

Contact: Mark Hardwidge,, or Kathy Sturgeon,

The Coordinated Engineering Program offers an Associates in Engineering Sciences (AES) degree in both Face to Face and Hybrid learning models. This degree provides basic training in the foundational building blocks of engineering:  Physics and Mathematics.  Studies are conducted in general areas as a preparation for a number of fields of advanced specialized study.  This program is designed as a transfer program and completing it provides flexible transfer to desired colleges and universities.

Engineering offers a vast number of job opportunities.  Specialties include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, drafting, electrical, environmental, geological, marine, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, software engineering, and more.  Our graduates work in a wide range of fields including controls design for satellites and drones, designing structures, and mechanical design for NASA cars and particle accelerators. The possibilities are truly endless.

Program Goals
Students will solve complex problems using critical thinking skills and scientific reasoning.  Students will communicate effectively in laboratory reports that use proper symbolic expressions and arguments, relevant vocabulary, appropriate support for claims, and clear description of procedures and Students will effectively participate in team projects or laboratory groups.

$1200 Tuition Waiver Program
Incoming fall semester students that identify themselves as engineering students AND who pass DACC MATH120 Calculus I with a B or higher, receive a 9-credit hour tuition waiver for MATH130 Calculus II and PHYS106 General Physics I in the following spring semester.  Both courses mush be taken in the following semester.  Tuition waivers are applied at midterm.

Online/Hybrid Coordinated Engineering Program
Danville Area Community College offers the engineering program in a hybrid model.  Online students will complete their lecture portion of coursework via the learning management system and will visit the campus one week per semester to complete laboratory work.  This new model is designed to meet the needs of students working or out of district.

Vermilion Advantage Program
Students may qualify for Skyepact Advantage which will assist students with full-time job placement with a local employer who will then pay for further training/education related to the position and advanced positions.  The program is available to Vermilion County graduates; however, new opportunities for out of district adults may be available.  To inquire contact Vermilion Advantage at 217-442-6201.