Ryan Wyckoff

Ryan Wyckoff

Ryan Wyckoff
Communication Instructor

Office: CT216
E-mail: rwyckoff@dacc.edu
Phone: 217-443-8727

Courses Taught:
Oral Communication
Public Speaking
Group Discussion

Ryan Wyckoff, Communication Instructor

Educational Background
MA Eastern Illinois University, Communication Studies
BA Eastern Illinois University, Communication Studies

My Approach to Teaching
First of all, please keep in mind that I AM HERE TO HELP! My goal is to do all I can to create an environment in which we all can learn from one another. Every person in this class contributes to that environment, and together we share the power to determine whether or not we live up to that goal.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, or ask for help, in or out of class. (Unless there is a privacy issue at stake, in-class is often best, since your classmates may have the same questions or concerns that you do, and then you are helping them, too.

Ultimately, I believe that the quality of each student's education is largely dependent on his or her own efforts, attitudes,and behaviors. It is important for you to know that I will bend over backwards to help you IF I CAN SEE that you are putting forth the effort to do the work in this class.

I have three rules that serve as guidelines for participation in all of my classes. They will also give you a flavor for the class and how I plan to run the class.

Rule 1: You must learn something. Some of you may already have extensive experience in public speaking, that's good. Now try to develop new skills and push yourself. You must be willing to try.

Rule 2: You must have fun. Social psychologists tell us that the best way to develop our creativity is through play. In class (especially lectures) you need to play, or participate. We all have better things to do with our time than sit around looking unhappy. Participate, ask questions, give answers, and further discussions: these are all part of scholarly play. Creativity in performances will be rewarded in multiple ways.

Rule 3: "I don't know" is only going to be a correct answer one day (I will let you know which day that is), so don't give it. All I am looking for is your best guess. If you happen to know the answer, that's great. You might not know the answer, that's okay too, give me your thoughts. Education is not a passive activity; the only way you will learn is through an active thought process. Try to keep up on the readings and you will find you know more of the answers.

Personal Information:
I'm happily married and love sports, especially the Cubs.