Richard Pate

Richard Pate

Richard Pate
Lead Professor, Social Science

Office: CT217B
Phone: 217-443-8838

Courses Taught:
Western Civilization I & II
U.S History to 1865
U.S. History Since 1865

Richard Pate, Lead Professor for Social Science

Educational Background
Master's Degree, History, The University of Illinois
BS, University of Illinois
AAS, Danville Area Community College

A sampling of my activities would include:

I have been organizing yearly workshops for Danville Area Community College District Social Science Teachers since 1987. The last five years have included components on the applications of technology in the classroom, as well as the ethical implications of the use of technology. We have also emphasized local history. I was also granted "Preferred Provider" status by the state of Illinois in order to provide certified training and development programs for teachers in the state of Illinois in the fall of 2002.

I was fortunate to develop the first online transfer class at Danville Area Community College in the fall of 1999. At this point, I have developed 8 online courses for the College, and contributed to a number of others. As you may well know, there has been tremendous growth in this area, and I am pleased to be a part of it.

I was granted the first sabbatical in 6 years by Danville Area Community College in the fall of 2001 to develop online courses for the Liberal Arts Division and provide online development resources for the College's entire faculty.

I have presented on the impact of web based learning on students at the Illinois Community College Faculty Association in the fall of 2000 and chaired a session on web based historical resources at the Illinois State Historical Society's annual conference in the fall of 2001.

I served as an advisor to the LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications of the Dallas County Community College District production "Surviving and Thriving in Your First Online Course." I also published, "Putting Courses on the Web May Benefit Your Traditional Classroom." The Organization of American Historians Magazine of History. Vol. 15, No. 3, (Spring 2001): 52-55.

I presented on online learning to the Illinois Community College Board in 2003, and was named to the steering committee for the Illinois Community College online initiative in 2004.

I have also been active in assessment, designing activities and writing reports for my online classes as well as for the area of Social Science for the Liberal Arts Division.

I was very pleased to be named "Faculty Member of the Year" at Danville Area Community College in 1995 and was awarded a "National Excellence Award" from the National Institute of Staff Organization and Development the same year.

I was also awarded "The Dreams Come True" award for my efforts to increase disability-related accessibility for students at DACC in 2005.

I was fortunate enough to be awarded both the Dorothy Duley Endowed Chair and the A.L. Webster Endowed chair here at the College.

I have also presented to local teachers in the past few years on the subjects of online textbooks and plagiarism. I introduced to the college, and I continue to coordinate our relationship with them.

Currently a member of the Organization of American Historians, and the OAH committee on Community Colleges. I am also a member of the Illinois State Historical Society, and a member of the board of the Vermilion County Museum.

I look forward to seeing you as a student, either on campus, or online.

Teaching Philosophy:
"These are the days of lasers in the jungle." P. Simon