Maurice Miller

Maurice Miller

Maurice Miller
Psychology Instructor

Office: CT207
Phone: 217-554-1526

Courses Taught:
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC101 Child Development
PSYC210 Psychology of Human Development
PSYC230 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC240 Social Psychology
Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Maurice Miller, Psychology Instructor

Educational Background
M.S.W., University of Illinois
B.S., Psychology, University of Illinois
A.S., Human Services, College of Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois

Work Experience:
Clinical: 1985-2002

  • Child Welfare:
    Children's Home and Aid Society, Champaign, IL
  • Substance Abuse Treatment:
    Prairie Center for Substance Abuse,Champaign, IL
    Carle Clinic, Champaign, IL
    Crosspoint Human Services, Danville, IL
  • Mental Health Treatment:
    Crosspoint Human Services, Danville, IL

Teaching Philosophy
Prior to coming to DACC I worked in human services, which involves a lot of teaching. I prefer to think of the persons I served as self-actualizing rather than ill, which is a much more positive growth orientation that I wish to share with my students. The transition to teaching was very natural, the difference at DACC being that our students are goal- future- oriented. As the son of two educators I was influenced to pursue teaching and counseling, and hope to communicate in the classroom the benefits of understanding this subject area but the values of life-long learning and personal growth.

Personal Information:
I was born in 1957, in Storm Lake, Iowa, and grew up in the Chicago area, from 1961 to 1980.  I am the oldest of four, single, and have a busy, active life. I live with a very intelligent, sensitive 75lb, 7 year old rescued female Rottweiller named Rosie. I enjoy the outdoors and have taken many primitive wilderness trips, I have ridden a motorcycle to Alaska, have backpacked the Grand Canyon and the Rockies, have hunted black bear in northern Ontario, and have taken several canoe trips into the Quetico-Superior region. I also have interests in trap-shooting, photography, organic gardening, aquaria, and reading. I have practiced Zen sitting meditation, Yoga, and Tai Kwon Do. I have participated in many intensive, growth-oriented workshops and conferences and trainings.