Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Executive Director: Thomas Carey, 217-554-1687
Data Analyst:  Kalie Kilgore, 217-443-8856

The Institutional Research Office conducts institutional research, coordinates program review and evaluation of all college units, coordinates college planning, and provides information about students, faculty, and programs to enhance the decision-making process for institutional effectiveness. Specifically, the Office:

  • Coordinates College-wide research activities, including collecting, organizing, verifying, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data for enhanced decision-making on matters of policy, procedures, and programs.
  • Initiates in-depth, longitudinal studies which can support strategic institutional and programmatic planning.
  • Facilitates the implementation of Program Review, including quantitative student satisfaction measures.
  • Provides assistance to departments in planning and evaluation toward increased accountability and effectiveness of programs.

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