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Online Course Information

Developmental Education - Online Course Information

     The Developmental Education (Basic Skills) Department at Danville Area Community College offers online courses in basic math, reading and study strategies, and English grammar and composition. The math courses offer students the unique opportunity to improve, recall, or learn their basic math skills. This self-paced, independent study format provides students with the opportunity to complete the coursework when it's convenient for the student. Available 24 hours a day, these courses also offer online office hours in real time with the instructor. There are also links to online tutorials, quiz generators, and various other help resources. The reading and study skills course works on vocabulary development, reading strategies, and study skills development. The course utilizes various online resources including email and frequent contact with the instructor. The English grammar and composition courses focus on the basic mechanics of the English language as well as how to formulate ideas into complete sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Each of these courses is user-friendly as well as well-designed and maintained.

For questions about the Developmental Education courses offered at DACC, please contact Lead Instructor Phillip Langley at 217-554-1665 or at

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The following courses are 4 credit hours:

  • Basic Math - DEVM 098
  • Basic Math - DEVM 099
  • Pre-Algebra - DEVM 100
  • Basic Reading - DEVR 098
  • Basic Reading - DEVR 099
  • Basic English, Grammar - DEVE 098
  • Basic English, Paragraph/Essay Composition - DEVE 099

     The preceding courses have been broken down into 1 credit hour modules. This allows students to customize their learning needs. Each module focuses on a specific topic.


  • DEVM 981 WA - Foundation Skills
  • DEVM 981 WB - Business & Consumer Applications
  • DEVM 981 WC - Statistics & Customary Measures
  • DEVM 981 WD - Looking into Algebra & Geometry

English Grammar

  • DEVE 981 WA - Writing Paragraphs
  • DEVE 981 WB - Writing Complete Sentences
  • DEVE 981 WC - Joining & Revisiting Ideas
  • DEVE 981 WD - Mastering Mechanics & Spelling Skills

Writing Skills

  • DEVE 991 WA - Reviewing Grammar & Mechanics
  • DEVE 991 WB - Improving Writing Skills
  • DEVE 991 WC - Writing an Essay
  • DEVE 991 WD - Discovering & Developing the Paragraph

Study Skills, Reading Skills, and Vocabulary Development

  • DEVR 981 WA - Building a College Vocabulary
  • DEVR 991 WB - Student Success
  • DEVR 991 WC - Study Methods & Test Taking
  • DEVR 991 WD - Reading Comprehensive Strategies


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