Child Development Center

Child Development Center

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Phone: 217.443.8833

Melissa Hollingsworth

Assistant Director:
Shanna Forthenberry

Administrative Assistant:
Taylor Hotaling



The purpose of the Child Development Center is:

  • To promote the social and educational growth of the child.
  • To aid in development of a sound self-concept.
  • To further growth in language skills.

At the Child Development Center, we believe that a good pre-school program is built on a foundation of sound human relationships.  In order for warmth and personal contact to flourish, our day is planned so there are many opportunities for one-to-one encounters.  We try to keep groups small and the ratio of adults to children as high as possible.  We provide occasions where the children move freely about, making personal choices and individual contacts.

We have designed our program to incorporate concepts of how young children learn as individuals and as group members.

  • We promote your child’s growth and development.
  • We utilize planned activities.
  • We incorporate learning through play.
  • We provide concerned attention and love, and enhance your child’s self-concept.

Progress reports will be sent home at the beginning of the Spring semester.  These reports are designed to keep you informed of your child(ren)’s progress at the Center.


Melissa Hollingsworth, CDC Teacher
Ms. Melissa Hollingsworth
Shanna Forthenberry, CDC Teacher
Ms. Shanna Forthenberry