Testing Center - Placement Test FAQs

Testing Center - Placement Test FAQs

Placement Test FAQs

What is a placement test?
We use Accuplacer to measure a student’s skill level and match them with classes offered at DACC. This is not a pass/fail test and is only meant to help you become best prepared for future college level courses.

Do I have to take the Accuplacer placement test?
High school students (Dual Enrollment) - Students are required to take any placement assessments and prerequisites necessary for the chosen college course. 

High School Graduates (GPA below 2.5)- You are required to take all sections of the Accuplacer test if your high school GPA is below 2.5.

High School Graduates (GPA above 2.5) – If your high school transcript shows a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, you will not need to take reading comprehension portion of the Accuplacer. 

Transfer College Students (Pending a review of an Official Transcript) – If you have completed an English course with a passing grade you MAY NOT have to take the English portion of the Accuplacer test.

If you have successfully completed a math course at another institution, you MAY NOT have to complete the math portion of the Accuplacer test.

GED – You will have to complete all sections of the Accuplacer Placement Test.

Culinary Arts or Welding certificate seeking students should discuss with an advisor before scheduling an assessment test.

What will be covered on the exam?
The placement tests consist of math, reading comprehension, and writing.  The math may contain multiple levels of math, depending on how you perform to the first level you are introduced to.  The math consists of arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college level math.  The reading covers your basic reading comprehension. The writing portion (writeplacer) will provide a prompt or topic and require a 300-600 word response.

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Can I use a calculator?
Please do not bring a calculator. An embedded calculator icon will pop up when necessary.

How long will it take?
The test is not timed. The test usually takes students 1 to 2 hours to complete.

How soon will I receive my results and schedule my classes?
You will receive your results immediately. Once you have completed your exam you can register the next day for classes.

Can I retake Accuplacer?
You can retake the Accuplacer one time within a 12 month period for $15.

What should I bring with me?
You should bring only a photo ID.  Cellphones are not allowed in the testing center.

Do I need to complete a new student orientation before I take the placement exam?
If you are a new student enrolling at DACC you will need to complete an orientation before testing. You will also need to ensure you have completed a Student Information Form.  If you are returning, please update any information with admissions and registration before testing.

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