DACC/EIU University Life Partnership

DACC/EIU University Life Partnership

It’s a dilemma that confounds many college-bound high school graduates.


On one hand, they aren’t sure about what they want to study or about their personal finances. They think they should stay home, start at DACC, and take general education courses for the first two college years to save money while they define their goals.


On the other hand, more than half the county’s recent high school graduates can’t wait to and taste the newfound independence that comes from leaving home and test their wings at a four-year university – even if they’re close enough to come home on weekends. For these students – and their parents – cost is less of an issue than freedom.


DACC’s new University Life partnership with Eastern Illinois University builds on the dual-admission model to add the option of living on Eastern’s campus -- participating in campus events as an Eastern student -- while studying and paying DACC tuition for the first two years.


Like the current dual-admission program, freshment are enrolled as full-time students at both DACC and EIU. If they complete their DACC degree in two years with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better, they are guaranteed admission into EIU programs to complete their bachelor’s degree. This traditional dual-admission model enables students to stay home and save money on the first two years’ tution and living expenses.


The University Life option still saves the student’s tution dollars, but adds the cost of room and board at EIU.


While living at EIU, these dually admitted students have the same services as other EIU students, including a meal ticket. The only difference is that they will be taking DACC classes either on campus or – more likely – online.


According to EIU Associate Vice President Josh Norman, DACC students will “have access to all residence halls on campus for which they are eligible, and will be able to participate in all activities that are not restricted by third party governing agencies.” Dually enrolled residential students will be able to participate in campus life, clubs, and events, but not intercollegiate sports or the Greek system until they transfer in their third year.


DACC President Stephen Nacco pledges to support the University Life students. “We’ll handle the paperwork for them as dual-admission students, and that includes all record keeping and financial aid. We’ll work out schedules so that they’re able to take blocks of classes on the DACC campus once or twice a week, rather than every day, as well as online.”


While DACC also offers traditional dual-admission programs with the University of Illinois and Olivet Nazarene University, the new University Life option that Eastern Illinois University offers is unique in higher education. DACC President Nacco credits the close partnership that DACC has forged with EIU over the years, and the dynamic leadership of EIU President David Glassman, with the out-of-the-box thinking that results in such a distinctive program.


For more information about the University Life program – or more traditional dual-admission programs at DACC, please contact the Office of Counseling and Advising at 217-443-8750.

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