DACC to Confer Degrees in Virtual 2020 Commencement Exercises

DACC to Confer Degrees in Virtual 2020 Commencement Exercises

Danville Area Community College is pleased to confer degrees and certificates during virtual Commencement exercises broadcast via YouTube Friday, May 22, 2020 at 7PM at https://tinyurl.com/DACCgrad and repeated on WBUI-TV Channel 23 Saturday, May 23 at 11AM . The broadcast will be available on the YouTube channel for viewing after the Premier.

Over 400 graduates, earning Associate degrees and certificates during the Fall 2019 or Spring or Summer 2020 semesters, submitted photos to participate in this year’s ceremony.

Students who have a cumulative grade-point average of 4.000 graduated with the designation summa cum laude and were awarded a gold tassel, gold cord, and a medallion. There are an unprecedented sixteen such graduates in the class of 2020.


Dalton Ross Beddow                         Catlin IL                                        Criminal Justice AA

Jacob R. Bergstedt                              Hoopeston IL                               Philosophy AA

Annabella  Falanga                            Torre Del Greco, Italy               Physical Therapy AA

Maria Francesca Falanga                 Torre Del Greco, Italy               Interior Design AA

Kari Jo Free                                          Danville IL                                    Nursing AAS

Dylann C. Hall                                     Georgetown IL                            Pre-Vet/Animal Science AGS

Steffanie A. Higgins                           Danville IL                                    Business Administrative Technology AAS

Garrett Joseph Lashuay                    Oakwood IL                                 Health & Physical Education AA

Sarah A. Nehring                                Peoria IL                                       Health Information Technology AAS

Tracie Toinette Sanders                   Danville IL                                    Accounting AAS

Victoria  Santillana                            Hoopeston IL                               Computer Programming & Web  Design AAS

Ashton C. Sawyer                               Catlin IL                                        Psychology/Sociology AA

Lacey Jo Steinbaugh                          Georgetown IL                            Elementary Education AA

Donna Marie Thomas                       Danville IL                                    Accounting AAS

Leslie Ann Van Camp                        Catlin IL                                        Early Childhood Child Care AAS

Bernard W. Walkup                           Kentland IN                                 Radiologic Technology AAS

Graduates of distinction will be recognized during the Commencement broadcast. In addition to the summa cum laude candidates, those with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.750-3.999 will graduate with the designation magna cum laude and will wear a gold tassel and a gold cord; and those with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.50-3.749 will graduate with the designation cum laude and will wear a gold tassel. Students’ ability to be recognized at the graduation ceremony is based on the cumulative grade-point average calculated at the end of the fall semester prior to the spring ceremony.

The broadcast will include remarks by Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services David Kietzmann, who is retiring in June after a 50-year career at Danville Area Community College. Also included will be the awarding of an Honorary Degree on Richard “Dick” Cheney, long-time friend of the College who has been a student, coach, faculty member, administrator, and a member of the Board of Trustees, and is currently serving on the DACC Foundation Board.

The DACC Class of 2020 is full of extraordinary people. The group includes twins from Italy who played on the Women’s Basketball team and both ended up as Summa Cum Laude candidates, and a Marine Master Sergent currently stationed in North Carolina who completed his degree completely online while deployed multiple times despite hostile environments and sketchy Internet connections. This group of graduates has persevered through not only the normal trials and tribulations of college, but the added burden of completing their education completely online – whether they liked it or not -- during a pandemic.


Danville Area Community College 2020 Graduates

Degrees and Honors Key
AA - Associate in Arts
AAS - Associate in Applied Science
AES - Associate in Engineering Science
AFA - Associate in Fine Arts
AFAED - Associate in Fine Arts in Art Art Education AGS - Associate in General Studies
AS - Associate in Science

Degrees with Distinction
Students’ ability to be recognized at the graduation ceremony is based on the cumulative grade-point average calculated at the end of the fall semester prior to the spring ceremony.

*  Denotes Cum Laude cumulative grade-point average of 3.50-3.749
**  Denotes Magna Cum Laude cumulative grade-point average of 3.750-3.999
***  Denotes Summa Cum Laude cumulative grade-point average of 4.000

Alvin, IL   
Stephanie N. Attebery - Health Information Technology AAS and - Medical Coding Certificate
Cody Alan Longest * - Manufacturing Engineering Technology CAD AAS
Armstrong, IL   
Ryan D. Franzen - Mechatronics Certificate
Ashlyn Christyne Logue * - Nursing AAS
Hollianne Camille Logue - Level I Nursing Certificate
Attica, IN   
Christina L. Kerr - Nursing AAS
Katherine L. Pollert - English Education AA
Belleville, IL   
Kayla Anyea Johnson - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Kyle A. Little - Engineering AS
Bismarck, IL   
Ty Hunter Coon - Advanced Welding Certificate
Jasmine L. Hutson - Psychology AA
Samantha Moulton - Level I Nursing Certificate
Sierra Celine Moulton - Nursing AAS
Joshua Michael Stephens - Wind Energy Technician AAS
Brazil, IN   
Damon Bass - Arts AA
Camargo, IL   
Cheyenne M. Miller - Nursing AAS
Carmel, IN   
Madison D. McClain - Nursing AAS
Catlin, IL   
Kelsey Rae Bays - General Studies AGS
Dalton Ross Beddow *** - Criminal Justice AA
Kristen Elizabeth Cooley * - Social Work AA
Byron K. Hackman - General Studies AGS
Alexander Scott Henthorn - Arts AA
Tyler Scott Hoyt - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
John D. Jumps - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Braxdyn R. Keeran * - Political Science AA
Christy Jaye McCollum - Elementary Education AA
Fletcher S. Meade - Psychology AA
Cherri N. Morlan - Marketing AAS
Bethany Kay Pirie - Level I Nursing Certificate
Ashton C. Sawyer *** - Psychology/Sociology AA
Allison Jo Silvestro ** - Journalism AA
Leslie Ann Van Camp *** - Early Childhood Child Care AAS
Hope Elizabeth Wakeland - Level I Nursing Certificate
Kelley R. Wills ** - Business Administrative Technology AAS
Cayuga, IN   
Emily Rachelle Craft - Nursing AAS
Richard A. Lewis - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Jessica Maria O'Brien - Nursing AAS
Champaign, IL   
Sheena M. Brize - Pre-Nursing AGS
Paul Brown - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Waynette R. Colson - Medical Assistant Certificate
LaShandra Sharneice Davis - Nursing AGS
Bailey R. Dee - Arts AA
Guylain Dimonekene-Dibazola - Manufacturing Engineering Technology AAS
Alex R. Hoffman - Arts AA
T'Prinn Desiree Ingram - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
Jernelle E. Lewis ** - Social Work AA
Samantha Jo Moore - General Studies AGS
Chicago, IL   
Caleb J. Ivy - Arts AA
Malik K. Parker - Criminal Justice AA
Rachel Spencer - Arts AA
Chrisman, IL   
Meghan Nicholle Craig - Office Assistant Certificate
Hannah N. Eddy - Nursing AAS
Hayley A. Hardin * - Sports & Recreation Management AA
Levi Cordell Kirby - Computer & Network Administration AAS
Madisyn Mae Norman ** - English Education AA
Jerryca I. Pearson - Nursing AAS
Brian M. Porter * - Elementary Education AA
Cisco, IL   
Jason Allen Miller ** - Wind Energy Technician AAS
Clifton, IL   
Tonya Cathleen Faulkner - Arts AA
Clinton, IN   
Sheena M. Nolan - Nursing AAS
Corvallis, OR   
Julia Elizabeth Silver * - Criminal Justice AA
Covington, IN   
Darcy M. Davis - Nursing AAS
Dailynn Rae Hardy - Level I Nursing Certificate
Mariah Emiline Henk - Conservation AA
Maggie R. Mendez - Nursing AAS
Trula Briar-Rose Newlin - Level I Nursing Certificate
Halen James Noble * - Arts AA
Spencer Del Pettit - Arts AA
Crawfordsville, IN   
Hailey E. Price - Medical Office Personnel AAS
Samantha J. Swank - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
Danville, IL   
Austin Alcorn - Computer & Network Administration AAS and Computer & Network Administration Certificate
Shaylee Danyelle Andrews - Level I Nursing Certificate
Joey R. Appelbaum - Welding Certificate
De'Borah E. Atcher - Paralegal Studies AA
Zachary J.H. Azimi - Applied Computer Science AAS, Computer & Network Administration AAS, and Computer & Network Administration Certificate
Jessica Nicole Jeanne Ballentine - Science AS
Jedediah Ray Batchelor - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Nicole Marie Bell ** - Marketing AAS
Damon B. Bellik - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Rebecca Lynn Boettner - Nursing AAS
Jermaine L. Boldian - Business Administration AGS
Keith P. Brigham - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Shawntiara D. Bright - Medical Assistant Certificate
Jermaine J. Brooks, Jr. - Business AA
Jasmine P. Brown - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
LaVerne Joy Brown - Computer & Network Administration Certificate
Andrew M. Bunton ** - Sports Management AA
Hannah K. Burchfield - Medical Assistant Certificate
Ariel Faythe Burns - Social Work AA
Haydee Caballero Rocha - Business AA and Small Business Ownership Certificate
Teresa L. Cadle - Culinary Arts Certificate
Elisha L. Cardinal - Arts AA
John Alexander Carnahan IV - Recreation Management AGS
Esther S. Carter - Nursing AAS
Lauryn E. Castro - Arts AA
Joseph G. Chipeta ** - Health Information Technology AAS, Health Data Analyst Certificate, and Medical Coding Certificate
Joshua AJ Coburn - Arts AA
Salina Lynn Collins - Nursing AAS
Jason Daniel Cook - Manufacturing Engineering Technology CAD AAS
Jillean L. Cooper-Watson - Communications AA
Lynzie M. Corzine * - Nursing AGS
Derrick E. Cowen - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Karly Elise Cox - Special Education AA
Kayla Maxine Cox - Nursing AS
Lauren Cox * - Business Administration AA
Jason Christopher Creed - Nursing AAS
Danyelle L. Crittenden - Early Childhood Child Care AAS
Faith Marie Curtis - Accounting AA
Autumn Marie Davis - Psychology AA
Kathryn M. Davis - Arts AA
Precious Troiwonna Davis-Ellis - Medical Assistant Certificate
Kenny W. Deck - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Misty D. Deline - Medical Assistant Certificate
Judith Ann Denman * - Political Science AA
LaVeta Dickerson - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
William Levi Dickison - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Christina M. Dombroskie - Nursing AGS
Kahlar Jordan Drews - Music Education AA
Sharain L. Dunn - General Studies AGS
Veronica J. Eades - Level I Nursing Certificate
Nadia Renee Eberhardt - General Studies AGS
Haley N. Edwards - Animal Science AA
Kayla Marie Ellison - Psychology AA
Julius T. Engel ** - Arts AA
Aaron Craig Evans - General Studies AGS
Christopher K. Evans - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Tabresha N. Finch - Nursing AAS
Julianna Marie Flores ** - Nursing AA
Kelvin Oneal Franklin - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Kari Jo Free *** - Nursing AAS
Lynnette M. Fuiten * - Business Administrative Technology AAS and Advanced Office Assistant Certificate
Sabrina Liberty Fuller - Culinary Arts Certificate
Emma Kate Garnica ** - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Emily E. Gibson * - Radiologic Technology AAS
Paige Lynn Gilardon - Nursing AAS
Carlton Jay Gilbert * - Advanced Manufacturing AAS and Wind Energy Technician AAS
Joshua Allen Giuliani - Computer Science AA
Jarrod D. Goble - Arts AA
April T. Grady - Advanced C.N.A. Certificate
Byron N. Grant - Nursing AA
Taylor Malia Gunn - Sports Medicine AA
Kara A. Hacker - Nursing Certificate
Clayton M. Hall - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Katelyn M. Hall - Education AA
Araceli Veatriz Hansbrough-Torres - Radiologic Technology AAS
Kelly R. Harvey - Health Information Technology AAS and Medical Coding Certificate
Jeffery L. Haun - Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Certificate
Jeremy Kyle Haworth - Computer Programming Certificate
Carey K. Heatherly - Culinary Arts AGS
Chemika J.S.M. Hemphill - General Studies AGS
Rachel Celeste Hensgen - Psychology AA
Steffanie A. Higgins *** - Business Administrative Technology AAS
Casie High - General Studies AGS
Michael Matthew Holycross ** - Wind Energy Technician AAS
Ta'Kavion Shayron Hoskins - Education AA
Ellia Jewel Innes - Social Work AA
Jessie G. Jellins - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
LaToya K. Johnson - General Studies AGS
Audrey Rose Julian - Small Business Ownership Certificate
Steven B. Kerrigan - Personal Training Certificate
Breanna M. Keys - General Studies AGS and Small Business Ownership Cert
Jayden Leann King * - Nursing AGS
Spencer L. Kinney - Computer Science AA
Abbie LeeAnn Knight - Level I Nursing Certificate
Damon L. LaMar - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Lauren D. Lappin - Early Childhood Education AA
Kelsey Diana LaReau * - Special Education AA
Jacqueline L. LeSure - Human Resources Management AGS
Thomasine Loggins - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Kenya S. Love - Social Work AA
Justin T. Maniquis ** - Nursing AA
Katie Elizabeth Marble - Social Work AA
Shannon Marie Masulis-Howard - Computer & Network Administration AAS
Alex L. Meeker - Wind Energy Technician AAS
Shelly Lea Meitzler - General Studies AGS and Medical Assistant Certificate
Tongalene Miller - Early Childhood Child Care AGS and Early Childhood Teaching Assistant Certificate
Emma Grace Mojonnier * - Biological Education AA
Nathaniel R. Moreman - Level I Nursing Certificate
Ashley N. Murphy ** - Medical Office Personnel AAS
Michelle L. Naanes - Nursing AAS
Amber Marie Nohmer - Arts AA
Christina Patricia Oakley - Nursing AA
Rodtavius K. Odomes - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Ariana Jazzina Padron - Medical Assistant Certificate
Cody D. Peelman - Accounting AA
Dannie Jo Pelszynski - Agribusiness Management AAS
Jataia Shaunte Penn - Arts AA
Maria Anastacia Perez - Nursing AAS
Zachary Phebus - Computer & Network Administration AAS
Brighttany Pollitt - Social Work AGS
Kayla S. Potter ** - Psychology AA
Faith Cheyenne Pruitt * - Radiologic Technology AAS
Dillia A. Ramey - Office Assistant Certificate
Laura Ann Redenbaugh - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Terian D. Reed - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Amy Elaine Reynolds - Nursing AAS
Delphina Robertson - General Studies AGS
Chelsey Denise Robinson - Nursing AAS
Esther Imani Robinson - Level I Nursing Certificate
Bryce M. Rohrbach - Sports Management AA
Rayonna Nicole Rose - Nursing AGS
Rick Lee Rybarczyk - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Tracie Toinette Sanders *** - Accounting AAS
Madyson Noelle Schendel ** - Business AA
Jennifer Segura - General Studies AGS and Medical Assistant Certificate
Hannah Rose Shanks - Social Work AA
Jennifer L. Shelton - Nursing AAS
Alli A. Shillo - Level I Nursing Certificate
Sajeev Sivanesan ** - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Andriana Claudette Stafford - Radiologic Technology AAS
Chloe Lane Stalcup - Arts AA
Darin J. Stine - Advanced Manufacturing AAS
Melinda S. Stingley - General Studies AGS
Caleb D. Stout ** - Business Administration AA
Cory William Swider - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Jennifer Nicole Taylor - Level I Nursing Certificate
Kimberlie S. Taylor - Psychology AA
Donald Ramon Tetter - Management Certificate
Donna Marie Thomas *** - Accounting AAS
Jeffery S. Thompson, Jr. - General Studies AGS
Rachelle Marie Lacap Tiu * - Nursing AAS
Josh M. Toler - Nursing AAS
Jenna Marie Toms - Level I Nursing Certificate
Linda Diane Trammell - Advanced Office Assistant Certificate
Emma N. Tucker - Arts AA
Marissa D. Uplinger - Pre-Medicine AGS
Dylan Reece Van Etta - Criminology AA
Ezekiel Vasquez - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Kaylynn Christine Wagers - Occupational Therapy AA
Michelle Lynn Waites * - Marketing AAS
Kellie Lynn Waterman - Business Administrative Technology AAS
Alec David Watson - Manufacturing Engineering Technology AAS, Machine Tool Operations Certificate, and - Welding Certificate
Blake M. Watt - Accounting AAS
Ashley Marie Webber - Nursing AAS
Makenna J. Weddle ** - Nursing AA
Brian S. Weilmuenster - Computer Programming Certificate
Tyronne D. Wiley - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Trachelle Williams - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Vonzille Lavette Williams - Nursing AAS
Kasie M. Winland-Bean - Nursing AAS
Cindy M. Wolfe - Medical Assistant Certificate
Tristan D. Wolfe - Sports & Recreation Leadership AA
Andrew David Youhas - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS and Computer Programming & Web Design Certificate
Junmian Zhao ** - Arts AA
Decatur, IL 
Dawson I. Johns - Business AA
Dewey, IL 
Jennifer Lynn Porter - Echocardiography Certificate
Evansville, IN 
Justin K. Wilson - Business Management AA
Fairmount, IL   
Lindsay Jo Lewis - Criminal Justice AA
Colton Tyler Osborne - Advanced Manufacturing AAS
Ashtyn Jade Seder ** - Nursing AA
Faith J. Yeazel - Nursing AGS
Fisher, IL   
Ashley Elliott - Echocardiography Certificate
Fithian, IL   
Kade H. Allen ** - General Studies AGS
Danielle N. Frazier - Health Information Technology AAS, Health Data Analyst Certificate, and Medical Coding Certificate
Frankfort, IN   
Dylan Charles Henning * - Automotive Technology AAS
Gary, IN   
Jaylen E. Williams - General Studies AGS
Georgetown, IL   
Kasie J. Anderson * - Accounting AA
Andrew J. Bartzis - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Morgan Renee Brady - Criminal Justice AA
Ashley Nichole Cassidy - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Austin J. Corley * - Arts AA
Kasaundra N. Doggett * - Nursing AAS
Tiffanie Ann Marie Elliott - Nursing AAS
Brennen M. Gragert ** - TV Production AA
Chloe Sue Guiliani - English Education AA
Dylann C. Hall *** - Pre-Vet/Animal Science AGS
Cidney Danielle Hinchman - Nursing AGS
Davin T. Huber - Wind Energy Technician AAS
Carly Jo LaFoe - Elementary Education AA
Harrison James Lambert * - Agribusiness Management AAS
Emily N. Melecosky - Nursing AA
Lacey Jo Steinbaugh *** - Elementary Education AA
Jacob Ivan Swanson * - Wind Energy Technician AAS, Advanced Manufacturing AAS, Maintenance Mechanic Certificate, and Mechatronics Certificate
Tiffany A. Trussel - Automotive Technology AAS and Automotive Technology Certificate
Laura S. Winkle - Nursing AAS
Gibson City, IL   
Ashley Nicole Nanninga - Nursing AAS
Gifford, IL   
Keegan R. Brooks - Welding Certificate
Greenwood, IN   
Kameron D. Ivory - Pre-Physical Therapy AA
Hammond, IL   
Sarah Eileen Reed - Nursing AAS
Henning, IL   
Destiny Faith Bell - General Studies AGS
Heyworth, IL   
Olivia Grace Trask ** - Actuarial Science AA
Hoopeston, IL   
Jacob R. Bergstedt *** - Philosophy AA
Katheryn Sue Bobell - Nursing AAS
Anna Leah Butzow - Agribusiness Management AAS
Bailey Matthew Crose - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Sahra Morgan Donnelly - General Studies AGS
Christy Lynn Etzkorn - Paraprofessional Educator K-12 AAS
Paige N. Hensley ** - General Studies AGS
Savannah Lee Lane - Medical Assistant Certificate
Madisyn A. Lile - Early Childhood Teaching Assistant Certificate
Alejandra Limon - Early Childhood Teaching Assistant Certificate
Angelina Limon - Early Childhood Education AA
Lauren Michelle Linares ** - Communications AA
Mariah A. Moore - Level I Nursing Certificate
Ariel Nichole Reeves ** - Elementary Education AA
Megan Ann Roberts - Graphic Design AA
Victoria Santillana *** - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Viviana Santillana ** - Business Administrative Technology AAS
Andrew D. Smith - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Erika Solis - Radiologic Technology AAS
Chet Andrew Stock * - Arts AA
Danyelle Dawn Strawser - Accounting AAS
Kara Paige Vaughn - Radiologic Technology AAS
Alexis Marie Williams - Nursing AA
Indianapolis, IN   
Sheena A. Brown - Nursing AAS
Cynthia Marie Coleman - Nursing AAS
Indianola, IL   
Tyler S. Carpenter - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Chelsea Jo Sjoken - General Studies AGS
Jacksonville, NC   
Brandun L. Schweizer - General Studies AGS
Kansas, IL   
Cristine Elizabeth Shick - Arts AA
Kentland, IN   
Bernard W. Walkup *** - Radiologic Technology AAS
Kingman, IN   
Alexis Ann Cates - Nursing AAS
Kokomo, IN   
Seth W. Vautaw * - Arts AA
Lafayette, IN   
Evan Brees Allen - Communications AGS
Dalton Hardy - Welding Certificate
Kobe Keith McNeely - Business AGS
Las Vegas, NV   
Chandra L. White - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
LeRoy, IL   
Kelly Marie Smith - Business AA
Lizton, IN   
Hailee Renea Gifford - Elementary Education AA
Loda, IL   
Ron E. Franklin - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Logansport, IN   
Riley Jacob Hershberger - Sports Business AA
Lynwood, IL   
Jasmyn Monae Jackson - Arts AA
Mahomet, IL   
Maura McGee Ramaly - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
Mellott, IN   
Brycen Valentino Hernandez * - Arts AA
Milford, IL   
Sebastian L. Irwin - Criminal Justice AA
Brynne Elizabeth Kaufman - Nursing AAS
Naperville, IL   
Chandler James Ferguson ** - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Oakwood, IL   
Chyann J. Cheesman - Radiologic Technology AAS
Rebecca S. Divan - Human Resources Management AGS
Haven D. Elliott ** - Pre-Medicine AA
Sean C. Ellis - Physics AS
Maicie Rae Freeman - Radiologic Technology AAS
Lesli A. Frye - Nursing AA
Garrett Joseph Lashuay *** - Health & Physical Education AA
Sloan Amber Morton - Arts AA
Miranda Michele Ogle - Nursing AAS
Amy Michelle Peterson * - Health Information Technology AAS, General Studies AGS, Health Data Analyst Certificate, and Medical Coding Certificate
Briana D. Verhoeven - Sociology AA
Chase Riley Vinson - Arts AA
Matthew C. Wells ** - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Gracie L. York - General Studies AGS
Ogden, IL   
Christina Marie Goode * - Nursing AAS
Oreana, IL   
Garett Steven Morrison - Ag Economics AA
Paris, IL   
Kayla Marie Hollingsworth - Echocardiography Certificate
Penfield, IL   
Sarah Catherine Elaine Bensyl - Medical Assistant Certificate
Tyler Joseph Cain * - History Education AA
Grace Catherine Irvin - Elementary Education AA
Jarrod Emil Liffick - Advanced Welding Certificate
Peoria, IL   
Jason M. Bollman - Arts AA
Sarah A. Nehring *** - Health Information Technology AAS
Perrysville, IN   
Elizabeth Marie Lewis - Nursing AAS
Pesotum, IL   
Ashley N. Woodruff - Nursing AAS
Potomac, IL   
Rachel Colunga ** - Business Administrative Technology AAS
Bridget A. Fitzsimmons - General Studies AGS
Trinity Nicole Fitzsimmons - Graphic Design AGS
Whitney Nicole Hickman - Nursing Certificate
Christopher Huston ** - Information Technology AA
Rankin, IL   
Elizabeth Mae Samet - Speech & Hearing Science AA
Ridge Farm, IL   
Carissa Alberta Barham - Health Information Technology AAS, Health Data Analyst Certificate, and Medical Coding Certificate
Matthew Ray Tansy * - Social Science AA
Riverdale, IL   
William Adrian Norman - General Studies AGS
Rossville, IL   
Alexis Nicole Cade - Education AA
Lindsey Renee Childress - Level I Nursing Certificate
Holley Nanette Hambleton - Level I Nursing Certificate
Maisa M. LaCombe - Medical Assistant Certificate
Kimberly Michelle Lamb - Nursing AAS
Jordyn Breanne McBride - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
Warren Justen Nibbe - Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Certificate
Hannah Beth Ritter - General Studies AGS and Medical Assistant Certificate
Salem, WI   
Amber Joy Parys - Biology AA
Savoy, IL   
Kate Alexis Hewerdine - Medical Assistant Certificate
Seymour, IL   
Troy Seten - Echocardiography Certificate
Sidell, IL   
Shelbie L. Guthrie - Elementary Education AS
Mary E. Ray ** - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Marcus Glenn Yeazel - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement AAS
St. Joseph, IL   
Amber N. Barnett - Nursing AGS
Kevin C. Place * - Marketing AAS
Tempe, AZ   
Dionne Michelle Adkisson - Marketing AAS
Terre Haute, IN   
Thomas John Black - Nursing AAS
Tilton, IL   
Yusuf Talib Ahmad - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Jennifer Shannon Davis - Small Business Ownership Certificate
Janene Michelle Grant - Medical Assistant Certificate
Jennifer L. Lyman - Nursing AAS
Lisa H. McClain - Health Information Technology AAS, Health Data Analyst Certificate, and Medical Coding Certificate
Nakita M. McClain - Medical Assistant Certificate
Colt L. Reeves - Welding Certificate and Advanced Welding Certificate
Morgan Makensy Spiering ** - Marketing AAS
Tolono, IL   
Mark E. Gentry - Tractor/Trailer Certificate

Torre Del Greco, Italy
Annabella Falanga *** - Physical Therapy AA
Maria Francesca Falanga *** - Interior Design AA
Urbana, IL   
Cesar Awekwe Akumbu - Level I Nursing Certificate
Lynnette Kay Harrison - Nursing AAS
Shana Marie Kelley - Nursing AAS
Joseph J. Redmon - Physical Education AA
Veedersburg, IN   
Hannah Elizabeth Snider - Early Childhood Teaching Assistant Certificate
Tiffany Anne Willhite - Agribusiness AAS
Villa Grove, IL   
April Deann Brown - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
Waynetown, IN   
Lisa Marie McGuire * - Advanced Manufacturing AAS
Wellington, IL   
Madison Renee Cline - Nursing AAS
Westville, IL   
Shawna Elaine Allen - Accounting AAS
Amber M. Andrews - Arts AGS
Dalton A. Dalbey - Criminal Justice AA
Kali Ann DeBarba - Radiologic Technology AAS
Dalton M. Duez - Tractor/Trailer Certificate
Emilee M. Eller - Arts AA
Santasia S. Elliott ** - Elementary Education AA
Ashley Lynn English - Nursing AAS
Taitum Jillian Fleming - Nursing AGS
Danielle Nicole Gabehart - Level I Nursing Certificate
Michaela G. Hallett - Arts AA
Lauren Alexis Haworth - Nursing Certificate
Ashley Elizabeth Howard - Level I Nursing Certificate
Emily Nicole Jordan * - Communications AA
Mazey Jo Kizer - Arts AA
Maizy J. Lawnicki ** - Fine Arts AA
Trent M. Maxwell * - Landscaping Architecture AA
Alexus Rose Minick - Nursing AA
Lacie Jo Nickle - Advanced C.N.A. Certificate
Isaias G. Ocampo - Computer Programming & Web Design AAS
Nathaniel Braden Pollert - Art Education AA
Emily L. Renfroe - Level I Nursing Certificate
Nicholas A. Sager - History AA
Chad Randall Sollars - General Studies AGS
Braeden Richard Woods * - Pre-Medicine AA
Elijah Chad Wright - Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Certificate
Erika Mae Zanders - Radiologic Technology AAS
Wheaton, IL   
John A. Fuller - General Studies AGS
Williamsport, IN   
Joseph M. Odle * - Advanced Manufacturing AAS, Advanced Maintenance Mechanic Certificate, Advanced Welding Certificate, Maintenance Mechanic Certificate, Mechatronics Certificate, and Welding Certificate
Ashley N. Simonton - Level I Nursing Certificate
Woodland, IL   
Ricky Laroy Grosvenor - Tractor/Trailer Certificate