DACC Board Ratifies Contract With Faculty Association

DACC Board Ratifies Contract With Faculty Association

2-Year Agreement Reached

The Danville Area Community College Board of Trustees and the Danville Area Community College Education Association (DACCEA), representing faculty at DACC, ratified a new two-year agreement that will provide a 3% base salary increase in year one and a 2% base salary increase in year two. The new contract is effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021.

An “interest-based” negotiation process was used that allowed for open dialog between the faculty and the college administration. The main goal of this process is for both parties to approach the negotiation as a collaboration rather than a competition. Interest-based negotiation stresses positive interaction to reach mutual satisfaction of both individual and group concerns.

Ryan Wyckoff, President of DACCEA, said, "The faculty association was pleased to use interest-based bargaining for a second year. Last year’s negotiation was a positive experience for both sides – despite the State’s lingering economic impasse. It was our pleasure to engage in a similar process this year when the economic outlook was brighter.  We are committed to sharing in the responsibility for the success of our students and this institution."

David W. Harby, Chair of the DACC Board of Trustees said, “The Board appreciates the faculty’s willingness to work with us last year. It is gratifying to be able to reward their patience and dedication with a multi-year agreement this year.”

College President Stephen Nacco praised the teams on both sides of the negotiation for “putting the needs of students at the forefront of the process and building consensus from that point. Interest-based negotiation is a win-win for both sides.”

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