DACC 2018 Leadership Development Series

DACC 2018 Leadership Development Series

• Did you have new hires in 2017 or newly promoted supervisors?

• Do you have a need for your management to speak a common language?
• Do you have employees who have risen through the ranks but never been given the tools they need to be effective leaders?


2018 Leadership Development Series
at Danville Area Community College

The Danville Area Community College Leadership Certificate Series is the best local leadership training opportunity that you can provide as an employer. The class sequence is listed below. Designed to fit busy schedules, these half day training sessions cover ten critical leadership topics and also provide a great opportunity for companies to collaborate and share best practices.

Communicating for Superior Teamwork (DiSC):
Managing Your Communication Style - 2/13/18
In this class we will explore the essence of teamwork - effective communication. This program employs the Classic DiSC instrument to provide participants with a better understanding of their own communication style and the impact of that style on others, while offering them expanded opportunities for team building practice.

The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership - 3/13/18
Discover the five universal leadership qualities and six Basic Principles that help individuals become genuine leaders who can translate intentions into reality. Learn the critical qualities that contribute to personal and organizational success, and discover how applying the six Basic Principles can help leaders to develop and demonstrate the Qualities of Genuine Leadership.

Communication Excellence: Managing Performance with DiSC - 4/10/18
Explore the differences between communication styles and develop specific plans to deliver messages in the most effective means possible. Join us to discover actionable insights into conflict resolution, team building, leadership and coaching.

Get Control! Of Email & Get Organized - 05/8/18
It isn't all about technology. This program delivers a small number of high impact insights that correct inefficient email habits once and for all. Participants discover tools that help them reduce incoming email by 20%, write crystal clear emails that get quick results, find stored information 25% faster, improved email etiquette, and use powerful, time-saving tech tips to simplify the electronic communication process.

Providing Constructive Feedback - 06/12/18
Learn to provide constructive feedback in a way that builds openness and mutual respect, and promotes problem solving and learning. Participants will complete a variety of activities that explore the key actions for providing constructive feedback, techniques for encouraging involvement and handling challenging responses, planning a feedback conversation, and providing constructive feedback.

Coaching: Developing Others - 07/10/18
Join us to learn how coaching can benefit those being developed, the manager, and the overall organization. Learn how to conduct focused coaching conversations that result in the professional development and employee growth.

Resolving Conflict within Your Team - 08/14/18
Discover how to: identify behaviors that can fragment a team and negatively impact productivity, demonstrate key actions for resolving conflict within a team, successfully manage unproductive reactions when dealing with team issues, and support team members who choose to address conflict themselves.

Delegating for Shared Success - 09/11/18
Discover the actions required to develop the planning, interpersonal, and follow-up skills that are critical for successful delegation.

Time Mastery: Maximize Your Time - 10/9/18
Join us and receive practical tips for improving your time management skills in those areas that need work. Receive an individual report that includes a Skills Gap Analysis, which provides data to quickly determine where to focus your time management efforts for greater professional success.

Giving Recognition - 11/13/18
Learn about the impact of recognition, barriers to giving recognition, key actions for giving recognition and tailoring recognition to the recipient.

$1,795 per person for the entire series
All classes are taught by Steve Welland
Held in DACC’s Bremer Conference Center Room 109/110
For scheduling convenience choice of 8AM-12PM OR 1PM-5PM
Training materials and refreshments provided for all sessions

To sign up for the Leadership Development Series contact
Stephanie Yates, Director, DACC Corporate Education:
Email employee names to syates@dacc.edu
Call 217-554-1628
or go online at https://www.dacc.edu/cce/cct/training/registration

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