DACC’s College For Kids Summer 2023 Camps

DACC’s College For Kids Summer 2023 Camps

Danville Area Community College’s Community Education department is offering College For Kids Summer Camps 2023. See the individual camp information for exact dates, times and ages.

Camps offered include: Jaguar Basketball Camp, Sports Media Camp, Minecraft, eSports Action, Computer & Game Design, Welding, Art Studio 101, Explore Pottery, DACC Master Baker, First Gig Rock Camp, Jaguar Cheer, Music Mania, Leadership Master Camp and Lego Robotics. Camp ages vary from 8-18.

For a complete listing of classes with course description visit www.dacccommunityed.coursestorm.com. 
To register or for more information call 217-554-1667 or email commed@dacc.edu. The Community Education Office is located on the DACC Campus in the Clock Tower Center Room 106, 2000 East Main St., Danville.

Classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Register early to ensure you get the classes you want.

DACC Community Education
College for Kids Summer 2023
Register at dacccommunityed.coursestorm.com or call Community Education at 217-554-1667

June 5-8, 2023
• MINECRAFT - 10AM-Noon; CT-005; Ages 8-11; Cost: $80
• ESPORTS ACTION - 1PM-3PM; CT-005; Ages 8-11; Cost: $80
• WELDING - 8AM-Noon; Tech Center Room 139; Ages 13-18; Cost: $175
• ART STUDIO 101 - 10AM-Noon OR 1PM-3PM; Clock Tower Art Studio Room 011; Ages 8-14; Cost:$100
• EXPLORE POTTERY - 1PM-3PM; Clock Tower room 117; Ages 8-14; Cost: $100
• COMPUTER & GAME DESIGN - TWO Sessions: 9AM-11:30AM OR 12:30PM-2PM; Clock Tower Lower Level; Ages 10-18; Cost: $80

June 12-15, 2023
• JAGUAR BASKETBALL - 9AM-Noon; Gym; Ages 8-18; Cost: $60
• JAGUAR CHEER - 1:30-3:30PM; Gym; Ages 4-12; Cost: $50
• MUSIC MANIA - 10AM-Noon; Clock Tower room 003; Ages 10-17; Cost: $80
• DACC MASTER BAKER - 10AM-Noon; Bremer Culinary Kitchen; Ages 10-14; Cost: $100
June 19-23, 2023
• SPORTS MEDIA CAMP - 1PM-4PM; Mary Miller Room 300; Ages 10-17; Cost: $80
• LEADERSHIP MASTER CAMP - Noon-2PM; Tech Center Room 140; Ages 15-18; Cost: $80

June 26-29, 2023
• LEGO ROBOTICS - TWO Sessions: 10AM-Noon OR 1PM-3PM; Bremer Room 140; Ages 10-14; Cost: $100

July 24-29, 2023
• FIRST GIG ROCK CAMP - 9AM-5PM; Bremer; Ages 10-17; Cost: $299

For More Information Call 217-554-1667
Email commed@dacc.edu
Register online: www.dacccommunityed.coursestorm.com
or visit us on campus in the Clock Tower Center, Room 106

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Danville Area Community College

Register at dacccommunityed.coursestorm.com or call Community Education at 217-554-1667

June 5-8 from 10:00AM-Noon; Ages 8-11; $80
This camp challenges kids to imagine and create a cohesive world in Minecraft over the course of the week. Campers will plan and design a world around a theme, and brainstorm what it should contain, then design and build the structures and environments of that world. The level of this class is very flexible. Held in the eSports Lab in the lower-level of Clock Tower Center in room 005.
June 5-8 from 1:00-3:00PM; Ages 8-11. Cost: $80
Did you know that you could actually earn a college scholarship playing video games? Welcome to the world of competitive collegiate eSports. Come check out DACC’s new state-of-the-art eSports gaming lab. Find out how fun it can be to compete with a group of people using gaming PCs. Enjoy playing Rocket League, League of Legends, Smash and other games. Held in the lower level of Clock Tower room 005.
June 5-8 from 8:00AM-Noon; Ages 13-18; $175
Get hands-on experience in this high-demand technology field. You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to be a welder in the state-of-the-art welding lab at DACC. Learn how to join two pieces of metal with a 10,000°F arc! This camp is perfect for 4H students wanting to submit a welding project for the fair. All necessary criteria will be met. Take home all of your creations. Held at the Technology Center Room 139.
June 5-8 from 10:00AM-Noon OR 1:00-3:00PM; Ages 8-14; $100
Have fun in the Danville Area Community College art studio while exploring a range of media and techniques. This week-long camp is designed for inspiring artists who want to explore different mediums. Bring your creative spirit and enjoy a week of creating art. Held in the Clock Tower Art Studio Room 011.
June 5-8 from 1:00-3:00PM; Ages 8-14; $100
Wrap your hands around a three-dimensional project that you completely design and create. Learn basic skills for sculpting and manipulating clay with pinch, coiling, and slab techniques. All work will be glazed and fired in the kiln. All pieces will need to be picked up at a later date. Located in Clock Tower room 117.
June 5-8: TWO Sessions 9:00-11:30AM OR 12:30-2:00PM; Ages 10-18; $80
Are you interested in learning how to design and develop video games? Then join us for this series of classes and learn how to create video games from the ground up. Use the Unity Engine to create your project and learn the basics of C# programming language to write basic game logic. Create simple 2D animation using premade art and learn basic game design principles to incorporate into your game. Each level in this series of classes you will build upon existing knowledge so the classes must be taken in sequence. Held in Clock Tower Lower Level.
June 12-15 from 9:00AM-Noon; Ages 8-18. Cost: $60
Students will be broken up into groups based on skill level. Work on all the fundamentals of basketball: including shooting, passing, defense, dribbling, rules of the game, and good sportsmanship. Held in the gym at Mary Miller.
June 12-15 from 1:30-3:30PM; Ages 4-12; $50
Join us for a week long mini cheerleading camp. Campers will receive a free t-shirt! The campers will learn a cheer, dance, stunt and work on tumbling! They will create friendships and have fun all week long! On the last day of camp the mini cheerleaders will perform a full routine for families! There will be camp bows for purchase as well! We can't wait to cheer with you! Held in Mary Miller Gym.
June 12-15 from 10:00AM-Noon; Ages 10-17; $80
Learn the basics of blending songs and making beats while learning the business and technical side of what it takes to be a working DJ. Campers will each get hands-on experience working with DJ controllers and Serato Pro. We will be discussing all avenues of DJing from club work, public events, parties, radio and sporting events. Each camper will get their own DJ rig to use for the week. Held in Clock Tower room 003.
June 12-15 from 10:00AM-Noon; Ages 10-14; $100
You’ve watched the kids baking championship on TV and now it’s your turn to get into the kitchen and start baking. You will learn how to create delicious sweet treats along with some decorating tricks. When you take the skills, tips, and tricks you learn during this camp you’ll be on your way to becoming a master baker. Held in Bremer Conference Center Culinary Kitchen.
June 19-23 from 1:00-4:00PM; Ages 10-17; $80
It all starts here, a career in the Sports Media Business. Participants will be instructed by members of the Neuhoff Media staff with special guests coming from the biggest jobs in broadcasting and digital sports media. Start with getting experience behind the sports desk, doing teleprompter work, and editing video footage. Held in Mary Miller Room 300.
June 19-22 from Noon-2:00PM; Ages 15-18; $80
Get ready to unleash the power within. This interactive seminar will give you the skills you need to build confidence, conquer your fears, and create the life of your dreams. Using scientifically proven principles of communication, you will learn what it takes to become a powerful leader and attract success with ease. Guided by your expert coach, you will be taught to master the simple techniques of removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with a better understanding of yourself and your purpose. If you’re ready to achieve personal and professional growth along with advanced career readiness training that will last a life time, this inspiring and transformational experience will be held in the Technology Center Room 140.
June 26-29: TWO Sessions 10:00AM-Noon OR 1:00-3:00PM; Ages 10-14; $100
If you're a Lego Maniac this camp is made just for you! You will start by following detailed instructions on building a Lego robot which you will also program. Once you get an understanding of how it all works you will work on customized your robot making it one-of-a-kind which you'll enter into the classes' robot wars. You will customize and program your robot and battle your way to classroom domination. Bremer Conference Center Room 140.
July 24-29 from 9:00AM-5:00PM; Ages 10-17; $299
Do you have a desire to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horns, or be a lead vocalist then this camp is perfect for you. You don’t have to be an expert or even have played before. You will be taught everything you need to know to perform live on stage. Your first gig will be held on the last day of camp. All participants will be working with professional musicians who have worked in their specific discipline for years. Held in Bremer Conference Center on campus.