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Areas of Study | | PEMW137 syllabus

DELIVERY MODE: Multiple sections taught face to face

This is the third course in the series. The course continues to provide opportunities to develop and improve personal fitness and exercise programs consistent with a healthy lifestyle. The course is taught in the fitness center and utilizes treadmills, elliptical machines, stair machines, recumbent bikes and a series of resistance exercise stations and stationary exercise bikes. Both graded sections and pass/fail sections are offered.

PEMW136 with a D or better.


This course is designed to meet the following outcomes:
  • Competency in the use of fitness equipment.
    • Discuss and demonstrate techniques and guidelines for using the fitness equipment safely.
  • Understanding the relationship between regular exercise and improvement in body fat percentage and body mass index.
    • Test basic fitness to determine current level of fitness.
    • Provide information for developing and/or improving cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and for maintaining appropriate body weight.
    • Provide opportunities for testing for improvement of fitness level and body fat composition.
  • Competency in developing an individual schedule for a personal fitness program.
    • Explain the basic principles of fitness that apply to the development of a safe and effective fitness program.
  • Successful progress through required workout programs.
    • Develop individualized exercise programs based on the student's current level of fitness.
  • Understanding the relationship between fitness, physical activity and health and well-being throughout the lifespan.
    • Explain how physical fitness contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
    • Provide ongoing instruction and information on fitness and related issues such as nutrition and weight control.



To receive credit for a grade, a student must complete any of the following six (2) designated routines which count as one (1) workout.
  1. Aerobic Super Circuit: a cardiovascular/toning circuit consisting of 12 strength developing stations alternating with stationary exercise bikes.
  2. Treadmill: 15 consecutive minutes at a minimum speed of 2.5 mph.
  3. Recumbent Bike: 15 consecutive minutes.
  4. Stair Machine: 15 consecutive minutes.
  5. Elliptical Machine:  15 consecutive minutes
  6. Upright Bike:  15 consecutive minutes.

Additionally, students could complete any of the following for a workout.

  1. Individual Personal Training: 30 consecutive minutes = 1 workout
  2. Group Personal Training: 30 consecutive minutes = 1 workout
  3. Group Fitness Course: 30 consecutive minutes = 1 workout

Students are welcome to do other workouts but only the listed activities count as credit for a grade.  Exception: When physical injuries or level of fitness prevent full participation in the above described workouts, special programs may be developed and will count as credit for a grade only if approved by the Fitness Center staff.

Attendance for graded sections:  Students are required to complete a minimum of (3) 30 - minute workouts weekly to remain in the class.  Students will be withdrawn from class if minimum workout requirements are not met for any two weeks during the semester, whether consecutive or not.  (Completing additional workouts weekly counts towards grade and is encouraged.)

Attendance for Pass/Fail sections:  Student are required to attend a minimum of 8 workouts to obtaining a passing grade.

Grades are then based on meeting minimum workout requirements each week until 24 workouts are completed to earn a grade of A in seven weeks. (Students then should have established a regular workout routine and are free to continue using the Fitness Center through the end of the course.)


Fall 2016

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