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COURSE TITLE:Professional Selling

This course emphasizes professional selling as a marketing activity that is coordinated with an organizations promotional components. Successful sales strategies and techniques will be featured in the course. The impact and role of selling within an organization will be discussed and analyzed. Identification of the foundation of the relationship selling process will include review of the role of communication, sales knowledge, and psychology of selling, prospecting, sales call planning, effective sales presentation, closing and follow-up. Technological tools used by the Sales Professional will be discussed in the course including features of web and mobile devices for maximized efficiencies, digital tools such as artificial intelligence and virtual assistant for scheduling and other functions, customer tracking and database management, web meetings, video methods for product demonstrations, and other relevant innovations in the field of professional sales.



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Develop successful verbal, written, and digital communication skills and interpersonal communication strategies for the workplace.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and competencies in sales fundamentals necessary for success as a sales professional.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of marketing in business which includes a global perspective and awareness that embraces society and international cultures.  Students will possess and recognize social trends that encompass today’s evolving society.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of technology and digital tools and trends impacting sales professionals.  Students will identify effective digital communication tools relevant for their professional success.
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate computer and mobile devices, navigate web for information gathering and researching, manage email communications, and understand relevant software applications for mobile and desktop devices sales and personal productivity.
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of key digital tools and methods utilized in the business operations and specifically the Professional Sales field. Performance Dashboards, Digital Communications, Digital customer tracking, Designated devices and digital tools useful for sharing product information and demonstration to maximize customer understanding and awareness.

  1. Professional Sales as a Career
  2. Sales knowledge, customers and products and determining multi methods for customers to access company mobile content and product information.
  3. Relationship Selling Process
  4. Planning and making the sales presentation in a multi mediums including personal Face-to-Face, email communication, video technology for product demonstrations, mobile friendly web content for customer browsing, and digital meeting methods such as online meetings such as WebEx and Go to Meeting, etc.
  5. Presentation planning, responding to objections, obtaining commitment and negotiations.
  6. Communication elements for relationship building featuring digital tools and methods.
  7. Planning, staffing, and training successful sales professionals including embracing the web and mobile digital tools knowledge needed by the sales professional.
  8. Motivation, compensation, leadership, evaluation of sales and professionals.
  9. Managing your career and developing your professional image utilizing digital tools and web presence.

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A point system will be utilized to calculate classroom performance. Checkpoints, projects, case studies, final exam, miscellaneous assignments, and participation points will be assigned. Total points will be determined for the semester. The following percentages will be used to assign grades:

90-100% = A

  80-89% = B

  70-79% = C

  60-69% = D

  59-below = F


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