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Note: some or all of the courses in the subjects marked as "Transfer" can be used towards a transfer degree: Associate of Science and Arts or Associate of Engineering Science at DACC. Transferability for specific institutions and majors varies. Consult a counselor for this information.

Areas of Study | Sociology - 7 courses
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology (Fall and Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Study of society, including the rules, interactions, and cultural patterns that organize everyday life. The course will analyze social conflicts, the structure and functions of institutions, dynamics of individual and group interactions, race relations, and social classes.
Notes [ T] IAI: S7 900

SOCY200 Marriage and The Family (As Needed) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Study of the universal and changing features of family as a basic institution. Contemporary issues such as the restructured family in divorce, remarriage, death, family problems and problem-solving strategies will be explored.
Notes [ T] IAI: S7 902 SOC 912

SOCY201 Social Problems (As Needed) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Survey of problems in an urban-industrial society, emphasizing the social inter-relationships and cultural conflicts involved in their origins, significance, and solutions.
Notes [ T] IAI: S7 901 SOC 911

SOCY202 Introduction to Social Work (As Needed) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: An introduction to the fields of practice. A survey of social work methods, agency organization, research and evaluation, and social policy and planning.
Notes [ T] IAI: SW 911

SOCY205 Juvenile Delinquency (Fall) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: This course is an overview and analysis of the juvenile justice system in the United States. History and the philosophies of society's reaction to juvenile behaviors and problems, interaction among the police, judiciary, and corrections are examined within the context of cultural influences. The course introduces theoretical perspectives of causation and control.
Notes [ T] IAI: CRJ 914

SOCY225 Race and Ethnic Relations (Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: A study of racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities in societies, with emphasis on the conditions and problems of minority groups and group relations in the U.S.; the concept of race; sources and functions of prejudice; the range of intergroup relationship patterns, from pluralism to genocide; reactions to dominant or minority status; the relationship between prejudice and social institutions, including education, media, economy, religion, and the law.
Notes [ T] IAI: S7 903D SOC 913

SOCY230 Service Learning (Fall, Spring and Summer) – 1-3.0 hours
Course Description: Service learning provides for sharing of resources between Danville Area Community College and the community. Service learning combines classroom instruction with community service, focusing on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility. This course involves active learning and reflection, drawing lessons from the experience of service.
Notes [ T]

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