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Note: some or all of the courses in the subjects marked as "Transfer" can be used towards a transfer degree: Associate of Science and Arts or Associate of Engineering Science at DACC. Transferability for specific institutions and majors varies. Consult a counselor for this information.

Areas of Study | English Composition - 8 courses
ENGL101 Rhetoric and Composition I (Fall and Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Students will compose a number of genres, including creative non-fiction and source-based essays that require critical reading and analysis of arguments and thoughtful use of evidence. Students will revise texts in order to develop a clear purpose and to effectively communicate with the target audience. Students will learn to ethically integrate outside information based upon MLA guidelines. A final grade of C or better is necessary for registration into ENGL102 and for IAI transfer credit.
NotesDuring the first week of class, students will produce a writing sample of connected paragraphs that summarizes a reading, responds with a focused argument to a specific prompt based on the reading, and demonstrates adequate control of the conventions of standard, written American English. Faculty may recommend taking a different English course based on writing sample.
[ T] IAI: C1 900

ENGL102 Rhetoric and Composition II (Fall and Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Required of all transfer students.  Continued training and practice in the comprehension and expression of written English, with emphasis on the research process. A "C" or better is required in this course for degree and/or transfer credit to be issued beginning summer, 1999. Keyboarding skills required.
Notes [ T] IAI: C1 901R

ENGL105 Creative Writing (Every other Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: An introduction to the principles, problems, and processes involved in creative expression in fiction and/or poetry.
Notes [ T]

ENGL106 Fiction Writing (Every other Fall) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: An introductory study of the techniques of story writing and storytelling with representative samples and readings.
Notes [ T]

ENGL107 Advanced Fiction Writing (Every other Fall) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: An advanced study of contemporary fiction theories and techniques, including story and character development along with an introductory to publishing.
Notes [ T]

ENGL108 Poetry Writing (Every other Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Students will analyze modern and classical poetic works in order to examine craft strategies used in both formal and free verse poetry. The readings will be comprised of both shaping forms as well as given forms. Students will discuss strategies used to convey both the literal and concealed meanings of poetry (sample discussion topics include sensory description, clear and compelling language, metaphor, imagery, meter, irony, diction, syntax, and line). Students will also be expected to generate new material in poetic form, to draft and revise poems, provide substantive commentary on peer's work, and to show growth in understanding and execution of various elements of craft.

ENGL121 Communication Skills (Fall and Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Students will read, summarize, and respond to a number of informational texts, such as articles from credible newspapers and magazines and research from credible agencies. Students will use information and/or examples from those readings to support their ideas in organized paragraphs that work together to support a larger point. Students will begin with shorter texts, such as basic summaries, and move on to construct longer texts, including discussion posts and multiple paragraph essays. Students will produce multiple drafts using feedback from the instructor and will learn to evaluate their own writing in terms of content, organization, and sentence-level concerns. Students will produce 2,500 words over the course of the semester.
Notes [ C]

ENGL122 Technical Communication (Fall) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Techniques of collecting and presenting technical data through the use of research, forms, and procedures. Both oral and written presentations are emphasized. Keyboarding skills required.
Notes [ C]

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