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Note: some or all of the courses in the subjects marked as "Transfer" can be used towards a transfer degree: Associate of Science and Arts or Associate of Engineering Science at DACC. Transferability for specific institutions and majors varies. Consult a counselor for this information.

Areas of Study | Basic Skills, English - 1 courses
DEVE098 English (Fall, Spring, Summer) – 4.0 hours
Course Description: A review of English for written communication, this course focuses on preparing students for Associate Degree level and Transfer Course level writing. Students will review basic grammar concepts (including sentence structure, punctuation, and mechanics) in connection with the proper structure of paragraphs and essays. Students are evaluated through in-class assignments, homework, mastery tests, paragraph assignments, and essay assignments. This course combines both in-class lectures/discussions with online matery-based learning. Students who (1) complete the requirements for the course, (2) complete a successful final essay exam and (3) achieve combined coursework grades of 80% or above will be placed in Communication Skills 121 or, with instructor approval and a corresponding Accuplacer score, may be placed in Rhetoric 101. Students who do not meet these requirements will be reassigned to English 098. (Non-Degree Credit)

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