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A 15 credit hour, 5 course series designed to prepare the new entrepreneur for a smooth launch. This series is headed up by BMGT100 “Basics of Business Setup” 2 hour course at the SBDC’s Village Mall location.

In BMGT 100 you will learn:

  • Testing the idea and your readiness to execute a plan
  • Laying the groundwork for a smooth launch
  • Writing a business plan and keeping it updated
  • The importance of assembling a good team
  • Marketing on a shoestring budget
  • And much more!

Courses rounding out the sequence:

Introduction to Accounting (BACC 100): 3 credit hour course - investigates the fundamental concepts of accounting. Available as a hybrid webbased course. Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business (CBUS 104): 3 credit hour course - develops student understanding of today’s business world. Available as a web and web hybrid course.

Principals of Marketing (BMGT 117): 4 credit hour course - explores the various processes and concepts inherent in the discipline of marketing. Available as a web-based course.

Business Computer Systems (CBUS 150): 3 credit hour course - covers the role of computing in society today in business and industry, including system design and analysis. Available in both traditional and web-based course format.

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