Teacher Aide/Paraprofessional

Teacher Aide/Paraprofessional

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DACC provides individuals interested in becoming a Teacher Aide/Paraprofessional with assessments to achieve the WorkKeys Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants.

Call (217) 443-8777 or email cce@dacc.edu to learn about registering for the assessments.

Download documents:

1. Teacher Aide-Paraprofessional Letter

2. Teacher Aide/Paraprofessional Contact Information Form

How do I receive a WorkKeys Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants?

To qualify, examinees must take the following WorkKeys assessments, which have been legally validated for high-stakes assessment. Assessments are scheduled and taken at the DACC Testing & Academic Services Center in Cannon Hall. The links below with take you to the ACT WorkKeys website for more information about each assessment including sample assessment items.

How long is each test?

Both tests are computerized and take approximately 45 minutes each.

Reading for Information and Applied Mathematics tests are 55 minutes each for WorkKeys Internet Version (WKIV) and 45 minutes each for the paper-and-pencil version. Writing is paper-and-pencil and takes 30 minutes. The Instructional Support Inventory requires paper-and-pencil completion by an supervisor/teacher.

Are there preparatory materials available for the assessments?

Visit the following site for free sample test questions for all 3 modules.  Practice tests are also available for a small fee for Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information.  http://www.act.org/workkeys