General Education Outcomes

General Education Outcomes

When students graduate from Danville Area Community College, faculty and staff want to be confident that they have the needed skills to succeed.

With this goal in mind, the Assessment of Student Learning Committee has established four General Education Outcomes, or "core" skills, that each student should possess once he or she completes a program of study at the College.

The Committee agreed that these skills should be incorporated into the course that make up every program of study that DACC offers.  In other words, whether a student graduates with an associate degree in history, electronics, or nursing, he or she will have acquired all four of these general education skills as a result of taking courses that make up that major.

  1. Competence in communications.  Written communications, Oral communications/Listening skills, Visual Communications.
  2. Competence in critical inquiry and problem solving.  Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Ability to define a problem and construct methods to gather, analyze, interpret, and evaluate data.
  3. Technological competence.  Technological competence, Ability to use current resources, methods, technology, Adaptive skills for future learning.
  4. Cultural awareness and social skills.  Effective human relations in diverse settings, Application of ethical principles, Understanding of local, national, and global issues, Appreciation for aesthetics and the arts.

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